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100+ Best & Funny Halloween Jokes and Puns for Kids

Halloween is around the corner. And the best way to get your children into Halloween spirit is to crack some hilarious Halloween kids’ jokes with them.

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Silly Halloween jokes for kids are not only great for setting the festive mood around your house or class. But humor can also help to improve your child’s academic growth. 

Many studies showed that humor in learning improves children’s performance by capturing their attention, reducing anxiety, and encouraging social interaction.  

Also, nothing is better than cool jokes or horror puns to create happy memories with kids. So, let’s check out the 100+ best Halloween jokes for kids to get into the horr-ious mood. 

Top 25 Funny Kid-friendly Halloween Jokes

Halloween jokes

1. How do vampires come to the Halloween party?

On blood vessels.

2. Why did the headless horseman get a job?

Because he was trying to get ahead in his career.

3. Why are skeletons afraid of the storm?

Because they do not have guts.

4. Why did the skeleton run away?

 Because the dog was after his bones. 

5. Why did witches take a nap?

Because they need to rest their spell. 

6. Where did Dracula keep his money?

 At the blood bank.

7. How do you fix a broken lantern?

By using a pumpkin patch.

8. What do you call a roommate of a witch?


9. What happens to vampires when they go to snow?

They get frostbite. 

10. Why don’t vampires have many friends?

Because they are a pain in the neck.

11. What do you call a witch that lives on a beach?


12. What is the best medicine to treat vampire cough?


13. Why did a zombie skip school?

 Because they felt rotten.

14. What is the favorite food of the vampire family?

 A black orange.

15. Where does a ghost baby live?

Daycare center. 

16. Which song do vampires never play at the party?

You are my sunshine. 

17. What do you call a skeleton who won’t work?

A lazy bone. 

18. How do you open a haunted house?

Using a skeleton key.

19. What is the first sign that your house is haunted?

Your bedsheets will be missing.

20. What do you call a breakfast service run by witches?

Broom services.

21. Which Halloween creature doesn’t like to play baseball?

The bat. 

22. What is the favorite pastime of bats?

Hanging out with friends.

23. What is the favorite music genre of mummies?

W-Rap music.

24. What do demons eat for breakfast?

 Devil’s egg.

25. Which brand of underwear do mummies wear?


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Top 25 Halloween Dad Jokes for Kids

26. Why should you never trust stairs?

They are always up to something. 

27. What is the best Halloween costume for dads?


28. What does a vampire dad hate to barbecue? 


29. Where did Dracula’s father take him when he was sick? 

To the witch doctor.

30. What does a ghost couple do when they fight? 

They ghost each other.

31. Why do old vampires read newspapers at night? 

Because it has good circulation.

32. Which fruit vampire dad often brings for his family?


33. Which activity do vampires take their family for vacation?

For batting.

34. Why don’t mummies have too many friends?

Because they are so wrapped up in themselves. 

35. Who doesn’t need a Halloween costume?


36. Where does a vampire store brooms in their home?

 In the witch closet.

37. What does a ghost-like cook for his family?


38. What does a ghost baby make for their father on Father’s Day?

Boooooooberry cake. 

39. How does a ghost father cheer up his crying son?

With lots of spirits. 

40. Where does Ghost Dad take their family for vacation?


41. Where do ghost dads often hang out?

In the club to drink boos. 

42. What does a panda ghost eat for dinner?


43. Why are demons the best friend of ghosts?

Because demons are great at ghosting people. 

44. From where do ghosts order their groceries?

Ghostery stories. 

45. What is the favorite dessert of witches?


46. Why are ghosts terrible liars?

Because you can see right through them.

47. For which job do ghosts train their kids?


48. What do ghosts wear to improve their vision? 


49. Where does a ghost search on the Internet?


50. Why do ghosts hate rain on Halloween day? 

Because it dampens their spirit.

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Top 25 Knock Knock Halloween Jokes for Kids

Mother and daughter in witch costumes for halloween

51. Knock knock? Who’s there? Abbott. Who Abbott? Abbott time you asked. 

52. Knock knock? Who’s there? Open. Who is Open? Open the door; I have a Halloween joke to tell. 

53. Knock knock? Who’s there? Donut. Who’s Donut? Donut worry; I am only here to tell a Halloween joke for kids.

54. Knock knock? Who’s there? Ice cream. Who Ice cream? Ice cream every time I see a ghost

55. Knock knock? Who is there? How. How who? How are we going to hide this dead body?

56. Knock knock? Who’s there? A witch. Who is the witch? Which one of you can help me fix my broomstick?

57. Knock knock? Who’s there? Ivana. Ivana who? Ivana have a spook-tacular Halloween with you!

58. Knock knock? Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Let us come in to celebrate Halloween.

59. Knock knock? Who’s there? Frank. Frank who? Frankenstein. 

60. Knock knock? Who’s there? Yvonne. Who? Yvonne to suck your blood. 

61. Knock knock? Who’s there? Ghost. Ghost who? Your ghosted friend to boo you.

62. Knock knock? Who’s there? Turner. Turner who? Turn you into a vampire.

63. Knock knock? Who’s there? Diamond. Who Diamond? Diamond, the Dracula to wish you a happy Halloween.

64. Knock knock? Who’s there? Bee. Who Bee? Just want to bee-ware you to stock up on your Halloween candies.

65. Knock knock? Who’s there? Vampire. Who is a Vampire? Just vaporize into thin air before I suck your blood.

66. Knock knock? Who’s there? Dustin. Who is Dustin? Just remind you to dust up your Halloween costume from last year.

67. Knock knock? Who’s there? Gabrielle. Gabrielle who? Grab your Halloween costume and suck up some blood.

68. Knock knock? Who’s there? Oliver. Oliver who? Your new Halloween costume.

69. Knock knock? Who’s there? Green. Green who? Green monster to eat all your Halloween candy.

70. Knock knock? Who’s there? Pumpkin. Pumpkin who? Pumpkin is looking for its patch.

71. Knock knock? Who’s there? Craving. Craving who? Craving for your blood.

72. Knock knock? Who’s there? Bubble. Bubble who? Bubble-gum-flavoured Halloween candy. 

73. Knock knock? Who’s there? Wicky. Wicky, who.? Planning wicked ways to make your Halloween scary. 

74. Knock knock? Who’s there? Almond. Who Almond? Almond Halloween chocolates. 

75. Knock knock? Who’s there? Ben. Who is Ben? Ben waiting for your Halloween party for the entire year.

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Top 25 Corny Halloween Jokes for Kids

Family dressed as Frankensteins monster for halloween

76. On which day are ghosts most scary?

Fright day. 

77. Which is the favorite day of ghosts?

Moan day. 

78. What do you call when two vampires are racing?

Vampires are racing neck to neck.

79. How do you give CPR to a vampire?

Neck to neck. 

80. Which musical instrument are skeletons allowed to play?

A trombone.

81. Which is the favorite coffee flavor of vampires?


82. Who does a ghost write a letter to?

To my dead mate.

83. What is the name of the witch’s pet frog?


84. What did the witch say to her victim while she was waiting?

Bewitcha in a minute!

85. What does a vampire doctor do to treat patients?

They run lots of blood tests. 

86. Why doesn’t a skeleton play music at Halloween parties?

Because they don’t have organs.

87. What is a ghost’s favorite ride?

A roller-ghoster!

88. Where do most ghosts live?

Ghost town. 

89. What is the favorite profession of ghosts?


90. Why did the zombie take a nap?

Because it was dead tired. 

91. When do cows turn into wolves?

When there is a full moon. 

92. What type of shoes do ghosts wear?


93. Where do ghosts go shopping?


94. How do ghosts look for jobs?

They do job hunting.

95. Why do ghost comedians never succeed?

Because they always get booed. 

96. Why are ghosts good at predicting the future?

Because they check the horror scope. 

97. Why do two skeletons always bicker?

They always have a bone to pick. 

98. Which season do skeletons hate the most?

They hate cold because it’s bone-chilling. 

99. What did the skeleton bring to a potluck?

Spare ribs. 

100. What sports does a pumpkin play?


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10 Best Ghost Jokes for Kids

101. What do ghosts use to keep their hair in place? 


102. What do ghosts use to wash their hair? 


103. How do ghosts cry when they’re sad? 


104. What did the ghost teacher tell the class?

Look at the board, and I’ll go through it again.

105. What do ghosts do at sleepovers? 

Tell scary human stories.

106. What’s a ghost’s favorite tree? 

A cemetree

107. What game do ghosts play? 

Hide and shriek.

108. How do ghosts take their eggs? 


109. What kind of street does a ghost live on? 

A dead end.

110. Why did the ghost go to the doctor? 

He needed a boo-ster shot.

10 Best Skeleton Jokes for Kids

Skeleton Jokes

111. Who is the most famous skeleton detective?

Sherlock Bones.

112. What did the French skeleton call his friend?


113. What kind of birds do they find at Skeleton Beach?


114. Who is the most famous French skeleton?

Napoleon bone-apart.

115. What do you call a skeleton who stays out in the snow too long?

A numbskull.

116. What song do Skeleton Crooks listen to after a heist?

Bad to the Bone.

117. Why do skeletons hate winter?

The cold goes right through them.

118. How do skeletons contact other skeletons?

They use a telebone.

119. How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?

It could feel it in its bones

120. Who won the skeleton beauty pageant?

No body

10 Best Witch Jokes for Halloween

121. What do witches put on their bagels? 

Scream cheese.

122. Why did the witch give up fortune-telling? 

She saw no future in it.

123. What’s the problem with twin witches? 

You can never tell which witch is a witch.

124. What’s a witch’s favorite funfair ride? 

The scary-go-round.

125. What is a witch’s favorite item of make-up?


126. What do you get to learn at witch school? 


127. What do you call a witch who goes to the beach?
A sand-witch!

A failure.

128. What do the fastest witches use to get around? 


129. Why won’t a witch wear a flat cap? 

Because there’s no point in it.

130. Why is a witch like a candle? 

They are both wicked to the core.

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10 Bonus Halloween Puns for Kids

131. Pumpkins are never good friends; they are too seedy. 

132. Life is gourd.

133. Lift your spirits!

134. Howie, you don’t. 

135. Creep it up. 

136. Hold your broom. 

137. Broom it on!

138. Bone appetite. 

139. I have no guts. 

140. I’m your ghostess for the evening.

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Just Joke, Laugh and Say Trick or Treat!

Halloween is about going overboard with spooky decorations, costumes, and, importantly, being with your family. So, if your family is not in the Halloween spirit yet, start cracking hilarious, corny, and horror jokes with your kids now. It will reduce all festival stress and put your child in the right mood to trick-or-treating. 

So, happy Halloween, and let’s make this scary season horr-ious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Halloween, and why is it celebrated?

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which was held on November 1 in modern calendars. People dressed up in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off spirits on that day, as it was believed that the souls of the dead returned to their homes.

Why is humor important for children?

For a good reason, they say laughter is the best medicine. Children with a sense of humor develop resilience, self-esteem, and critical thinking skills. When a child can tell or understand a joke, it demonstrates that they can think rationally about sentence structure and even social constructs.

What are the top three Halloween traditions?

Carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and dressing up in scary costumes are all time-honored Halloween traditions.

What do children do on Halloween?

At night, children celebrate the day by going trick-or-treating. They go door to door, yelling, “Trick or treat!” The person who answers the door usually gives them candy. Other Halloween activities include costume parties, parades, bonfires, haunted houses, and pumpkin carving.

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