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5 Fun Magic Tricks for Kids They Can Easily Learn

Now, who doesn’t love a little magic in their life? Kids specifically enjoy magic. Simple magic tricks for kids can amaze them and spike their curiosity to learn the logic behind every trick. 

If your kid wears a cape all day long and uses your rolling pin to mimic a magic wand, you can teach them some easy magic tricks at home. Many fun magic tricks for kids are available that you can use to improve creativity, reflexes, and presence of mind among kids.

Here are the best and easiest magic tricks for kids:

1. The Disappearing Coin

Disappearing coin in hand magic tricks for kids
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The disappearing coin is a classic magic trick. Everyone has seen this trick in their childhood and got awestruck by it. This is a perfect magic trick for kids as it is safe and easy to perform at home. Plus, all you need is a coin for the trick. 

How to Do It:

  • Hold a coin in your hand—palm facing the sky, between your thumb, middle, and index finger. 
  • Now, pretend to pick the coin with your other hand. In reality, only release your thumb so the coin drops into your palm. Ensure your audience’s eyes follow the hand; they believe you have a coin. 
  • With your other hand, motion like you are picking up the coin—keep your palm facing your chest. 
  • Blow on your pretending hand for the dramatic effect and open it to amaze your audience with an empty hand. 
  • Take out your hand holding the coin to end the magic trick. 

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2. The Sugar Cube 

Sugar cubes isolated on white background

This is a fun magic trick for kids where they will guess a number written on the sugar cube without looking. It is like a fun science experiment for your kids. You need a pencil, a jar of water, and imperial sugar cubes for this magic trick.

How to Do It:

  • Ask your audience to pick a number from 1 to 10 and write on a sugar cube using a pencil. 
  • Pick the sugar cube and squeeze it against your thumb. This way, the number will be imprinted on your thumb. 
  • Next, drop the sugar cube into a jar of water and let it dissolve. 
  • Now, shake your hand with an audience member and press your thumb against your palm to leave the number imprint. 
  • For a magic effect, ask the person to wave their hand and tell that number has magically appeared on their hand. 

3. The Floating Pencil

Floating pencil magic tricks for kids

This magic trick will win your kid praises at every party. You need a pencil to show your kid how to float a pencil without even touching it.

How to Do It:

  • Hold a pencil in your fist—palm facing the ground. 
  • Wave your other hand around to motion like you are activating special powers. 
  • Wrap your other hand around the wrist with a pencil to meet your thumb and fingers on top of your wrist. 
  • Discreetly move your left pointer finger to your wrist, and secure the pencil to your hand. 
  • Open your fist and wiggle your fingers to show the audience how the pencil sticks to your hand. 
  • Close your fist and wave your other hand to activate the magical powers. 
  • Slowly remove the pointer finger holding the pencil and open your fist; let the pencil drop with a dramatic impact. 

4. The Magic Card Trick

Man shuffling cards magic tricks for kids

You must have seen your uncles and aunts amazing you as a child with a blind card-guessing magic trick. You can also give a deck of cards to your child and show them how they can find the exact card from a pack without even looking at it. 

How to Do It:

  • Before starting the performance, divide your cards into black and red colors. Remember which color you have on the top. 
  • Pick out a few cards from the top and ask someone from the audience to pick a card and ask them to remember the card. 
  • Remove some cards from the bottom to replace the card.  
  • Now, split the deck from somewhere in between, put the bottom half on the deck, and start shuffling the cards. 
  • To find the chosen card, look around the deck. The color you are looking for will be the only black or red. 
  • Pull that card out and win a standing ovation from the crowd. 
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5. The Magician’s Choice

Crayons Box isolated on white background

This is another fun magic trick for kids. In this trick, your kid learns to guess the color of a crayon by simply changing the game rules based on what the audience says. 

How to Do It: 

  • Place a crayon inside a box to make it invisible to your audience. 
  • Show your audience a few crayons, including the color of the crayon you have already hidden. 
  • Request the audience to select a few crayons.
  • If they say color other than what you have stored inside the box, put those crayons to the side. If they say the same color crayon as inside the box, remove the other crayons and place them to the side. 
  • Keep changing the rules so that the crayon always remains inside the box. 
  • When only the same crayon remains, open the box to unveil the matching crayon. 

Let the Magic Begin! 

Magic is simply intelligence and presence of the mind. Therefore, indulging your kid in magic is helpful for their mental and cognitive abilities. In addition, they learn to perform on the stage and communicate with other people. 

You can start with the easy five magic tricks for kids shared above to see how your kid reacts to the magic.

Explore more online educational resources for kids that will help with their learning experience and make them smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can magic tricks help children?

Magic tricks can do wonders for kids. When you expose your child to the world of magic, it helps to improve their coordination, spatial relationships, cognitive skills, and agility. 

At what age can kids start learning magic tricks? 

Magic tricks can perplex children of all ages. You can even hold the attention of babies with magic but over seven years is a good age to start teaching magic tricks to kids.

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