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    5 Quick Tips to Stay on Top of Common Core Standards


    Lesson plans, workbooks, posters, infinite paper work and much more. Sounds like a lot of balls to juggle, huh?

    Hey, all you teachers out there – Does the topic of common core state standards (CCSS) send you in a tizzy?

    We talked about CCSS in our previous blogs too. These are evidence-based standards that encompass consistent curriculum framework to prepare students for college and workforce. President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program lays the outline of this radical makeover of school curriculum, and is here to stay.

    Well, we won’t let you stay caught in the moment and slog anymore devising the next lesson plan requirements. Here are 5 quick tips that will help you to be Common Core ready with Splash Math apps.

    1. Prepare your class for a smooth transition. We understand it’s going to be really tough to adapt to a fresh methodology. You will need smartly designed, methodical curriculum and effective professional skills to keep up with the CCSS. The Splash Math program is specifically designed to meet the rigor of the CCSS. The standards have been broken down to problem level granularity and are mapped meticulously. The adaptive algorithm that powers the apps is very useful. It feeds the student with an endless supply of math problems and offers personalized learning. Additional features such as goal settings, performance reports and identification of weak areas on our apps help you cut down on the assessment hours, while instilling math confidence in your students.

     2. Encourage your students to master skills one-by-one. All our apps cover skills that are designed for their respective grade levels. Kids can select the desired skill in their grade level and kick start their math work out sessions. Usually, encouraging kids is a challenge task. However, Splash Math apps lure them for repeated practice sessions with “gamified” workflow that rewards their achievements with their fun prizes such as aquatic animals, dancing animal characters, car-racing games and lots more. The more the engaging practice, the better!

     3. Promote the idea of friendly competition. As most of our apps support multiple players, you can instill friendly competition among your students by comparing their points or the prizes won such as points, animals in the aquarium or jungle, etc. This will encourage them to play more and invest in their own math learning in a competitive way.

    4. Track the performance reports of your students. Splash Math apps display a comprehensive performance graph of your students across all skills. You can also subscribe to our weekly email reports to have deeper insights into their respective performances for specific math skills, and track their strong areas and weak performance spots accordingly. While you can be assured that strong areas grow stronger, assign more practice in the weak areas.

     5. Set goals for SplashLearn Practice to ensure your students regularly capitalize on this technology-powered learning environment. Set goals like  – 100 points a day, or earn 2 new characters-a-day on SplashLearn apps. These small, but interesting goals will keep your students glued to their screens and help you make the best use of iPads in ensuring regular Math Practice.

    We hope these tips will help you to conquer your core fears and stay on top of the core standards for math education.

    If you’ve integrated iPads into your classrooms as a teaching tool and are mulling over the plans to purchase some innovative math apps for your students, it’s time to consider Splash Math apps. See Apple Volume Purchase Program to avail the discount.


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