Adaptive Learning

    90+ Witty Math Jokes & Puns That Are Pi-Fect & ACute!

    Math is tiresome for kids, but we surely have found a way around. You can now instil an everlasting love for Math in your kids with these super funny, wholesome and witty math jokes! Read on!

    The ABCs of ASL Alphabets: Know The American Sign Language

    The American Sign Language is a rescue for deaf or hard-of-hearing people and is most often their primary mode of communication. Know all about the ASL alphabets, how to make learning the sign language fun and tips to use the ASL here!

    20 Best Children’s Books to Stimulate Kids’ Imagination & Creativity

    Children's books help in stimulating imagination, creativity and curiosity. Children learn best when they divulge into interesting stories. We have collated the best 20 children's books for different age groups to add to your kid's book collection. Read on and help your kids develop a love for reading!

    4 Learning Styles That Make Learning Easy-Peasy For Kids

    The term "Learning Styles" indicate that every kid learns differently. It's important to identify which learning style would suit a kid the best and tailor the instruction accordingly. Read this blog to find out about the VARK model of learning and how to identify which type of learner your child/student is.

    7 Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meanings

    ROYGBIV or Roy.G.Biv is an acronym describing the colors of a rainbow. Are you excited to teach your child all about the rainbow colors? Look no more because this blog has all that you need to know about rainbows!

    10 Best Classic Fairy Tales For Your Kids’ Early Development

    A fairy tale, magic tale or wonder tale is a short story involving legendary deeds. They are written to have an underlying moral in order to teach a lesson to children. Reading fairy tales helps kids improve their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills. Read this blog to know the best 10 fairy tales of all times!