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    15 Best & Fun Math Activities For Kindergarten

    Does your kindergartener think math is boring? Well, you are not the only parent facing this issue. It’s no news that most kids don’t find math interesting. If we dig deeper, we learn that the most common reason for this dislike is the complexity of math.  

    The only way to make this happen is to indulge children in math activities for kindergarten. However, if kids are schooled correctly during their preschools, this problem can be resolved. 

    Therefore, experts suggest using fun math activities for kindergarten. These are known to make math a happy space for children. These also help kids develop analytical abilities, making them more rational from the beginning. Therefore, if you are also looking forward to helping your kid fall in love with math, try out the kindergarten math activities we’ve picked.

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    15 Best Math Activities for Kindergarten

    A hand tracing the shape of zero

    1. Shape Hunt

    The first math activity for kindergarten is a shape hunt. The agenda of this activity is to help kids learn different shapes and their names. This is one of the most fun hands-on math activities for kindergarten, perfect for children who find it difficult to remember shapes. It also forms a foundation for geometry, which kids encounter in higher grades. 

    What you’ll need

    For this activity, you will need colored cutouts of different shapes and a notebook. 

    What to do

    You can hold a cutout of any shape and tell your child the name of that particular shape. Then, ask your kid to color or mark the shape in their notebooks. 

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    2. Color Matching

    Color matching is one of the most effective activities for teaching counting to your little one. The bonus in this activity is that your kid learns to count and memorizes the names of different colors effectively. 

    What you’ll need

    For this activity, you will need colorful balls and matching buckets. 

    What to do

    Ask your kid to match the colors and put balls in the bucket while counting them. For example, if there are five red balls. Then, ask the child to put it in the red bucket while counting the balls.  

    3. Button Counting

    The button counting game is one of the most fun activities for kindergarten. This activity helps improve a kid’s analytical skills from a young age. 

    What you’ll need

    Colorful buttons of different shapes and cups of different colors with cutouts have a width that allows the buttons to pass through.

    What to do

    Ask the child to sort the buttons according to color and put each pile into the cups that match the color. Ensure the child notes down the number of buttons while putting them inside the cups.

    4. One Bowl Two Fish

    This math activity is full of fun as it involves using thinking skills. Also, this is the first step toward simplifying math problems. The core value of this activity is to teach kids to break numbers in various ways.  

    What you’ll need

    You will need an activity book or notebook with one bowl and two fish patterns.

    What to do

    Teach your kid to get the number five by doing 2 + 3 or 1 + 4. Make them practice this technique for different numbers. However, always begin with single-digit numbers having fewer combinations. 

    5. What Comes Next?

    These math activities for kindergarten can be done very easily and help in testing children’s memory. The simple logic behind this activity is to check kids’ memory by asking them what comes next when counting. 

    What you’ll need

    Colorful cutouts of different numerals.

    What to do

    Arrange the cutouts of numbers in different orders and ask them what comes next. For example, put four or five numerals in front of your child and ask them what comes next in the order.

    6. Stacking

    Stacking is one of the finest fun math activities for kindergarten. It is very simple to do and, therefore, is one of the most preferred activities that most preschools add to their curriculum. The major aim of this activity is to improve the child’s analytical ability in a fun way. 

    What you’ll need

    Colorful blocks with different numbers written on them in bold. 

    What to do

    Divide the kids into small groups and ask them to stack the cups while reading out the numbers written on them. 

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    7. Number Hunt

    Engaging your child in hunting numbers in newspapers is a fun math activity for kindergarten. This activity helps in increasing the thinking ability of kids and persuades them to think out of the box. 

    What you’ll need

    A newspaper or magazine and colored pencils

    What to do

    Say a random number and ask your child to search for it in the newspaper or magazine and circle it with their pencil. 

    8. Number Bingo

    Number Bingo is next on our list of kindergarten Common-Core math activities. This activity is for those kids who have learned numerals up to 20 or 25. 

    What you’ll need

    A square board, pen markers, and colorful buttons

    What to do

    Take a board and cut it in the shape of a square. Next, write numbers randomly on it. Now, ask the kid to put the buttons on the number that has been read out. 

    9. Board Game

    If you are looking for hands-on math activities that kindergarten students can do, then board games can be a good option. With the help of this game, kids can improve their identification skills and learn how to do simple mathematics. 

    What you’ll need

    Any board game with numbers printed on it and a dice

    What to do

    Ask the child to roll the die on the board and then make them move their token to the number that has appeared on the dice. For example, if the current position of your kid’s token is 4 and on rolling, they get 3. Then, help them in moving 3 spaces forward to 7.

    10. Monster Eyes

    Kids easily lose interest in anything they find boring. Therefore, the teachers have to regularly add an element of fun in online math activities for kindergarten. Monster eyes are one such activity that is fun-filled and promises to improve the kid’s observation skills. 

    What you’ll need

    A worksheet with drawings of monsters and small monster eyes.

    What to do

    Draw a monster in the child’s worksheet and write some numerals on the top or bottom. You can also include signs of addition or subtraction to make it more learning oriented. Now, ask the child to add the numerals and fill the activities with the number of eyes they have calculated. 

    11. Number Line

    The main aim of this kindergarten math activity is to introduce mathematical operations, i.e., addition and subtraction on number lines in the most amusing way. Participating in this activity makes them grasp the basics of these operations easily. 

    What you’ll need

    A sheet of paper with printed numerals, small toy cars

    What to do

    Take the sheet and ask the learner to place their toy on any number, say 4. Now, direct them to add 2 to their current position, i.e., 4, and move the car to the number that is obtained as the sum. 

    12. Learning with Balloons

    Learning math with balloons—isn’t that just one of the most fun-filled activities you have heard of? It’s a great activity to indulge in with your child while helping them learn to count. 

    What you’ll need

    Colorful balloons with different numerals written on them.

    What to do

    Hide the balloons in the room and ask the kid to find them. Next, ask the kid to read out the number aloud. Another way to indulge the kids in this activity is to read out a random number and then ask them to pick out the balloon matching the number. 

    13. Building Blocks

    This super fun math activity for kindergarten helps the kid develop organizing skills. It is also helpful for those kids who struggle to remember the names of colors. 

    What you’ll need

    Different colored blocks

    What to do

    Ask your younger one to build a tower with a fixed number of blocks. For example, ask them to build a tower with five blocks. 

    14. Hopscotch

    Colorful hopscotch pattern on a sidewalk

    Hopscotch is one of the traditional games known to polish a child’s recognizing skills. 

    What you’ll need

    Colorful chalk, cutouts of shapes

    What to do

    Draw the hopscotch pattern on the floor and write numbers and shapes. Now, ask your kid to jump on a number and follow the directions. 

    15. Learn with Snowballs

    The last in our kindergarten math activities list is learning with snowballs! This activity can be performed by the kid alone. Alternatively, you can also organize it as a friendly match. The major aim of this math activity is to improve your child’s counting and motor skills. 

    What you’ll need

    Paper or cotton balls and a bucket

    What to do

    Crumple the paper into the shape of a snowball or cotton ball. Read out a random number, say 5, and ask the kid to throw the same snowballs in the bucket until the count goes to 5. 

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    Helpful Tips to Make Math Activities Fun for Kindergartners

    Small child playing with building blocks

    Whenever we talk about kids’ activities, the materials must be colorful and engaging, as kids tend to lose interest easily. 

    Now, as you have learned about the top fun math activities for kindergarten. Let us learn how you can encourage your child to participate regularly.  

    • Help your child perceive math as not complex; it is as easy as any other subject. For this, you can always talk to them about your learning days and ways you made math a very easy subject for yourself. 
    • Include math in their everyday life. For example, ask them to do simple calculations while buying groceries. In this way, they can relate to the concepts more easily.
    • Introduce your child to visual learning. Numerous online math activities for kindergarten present these concepts and activities visually, thus giving it a new twist.
    • Use art to teach math to your kid. Take the help of paintings or sculpting such that they can grasp the concepts easily. 
    • The last tip to encourage your child to try out kindergarten math activities is positive support whenever they fail or are stuck somewhere. 
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    Final Note

    Kids jumping through tracks on a sports field

    This list contains various games to provide insight into the top math activities for kindergarten, which you can include in your child’s everyday learning. Math is one of the most feared subjects amongst the younger generations. 

    However, there are simple ways that help make the foundations strong for math right from the beginning. Apart from these fun-filled learning methods, the only thing that a child needs is a pinch of encouragement and appreciation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What should kindergartners be learning in math?

    Kindergartners have a bold understanding of concepts like addition and subtraction of small numbers. As they feel comfortable, introduce bigger numbers, like two-digit or larger ones.

    What math games can kindergartners play?

    Math is a subject that can quickly become uninteresting for kids, and they may even build a dislike for it if left unchecked. Games are a way to blend concepts with engaging tasks and activities that hold children’s attention. 
    Math games such as Counting Games, Sing-the-Number, or Identify the Number games provide the perfect balance between enjoyment and development, and these games are available in great variety, such as online, math board games, or even games like chutes and ladders!

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    Andrew Scholl is an educational expert with over 15 years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school classrooms. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

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