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130+ Best Ice-Breaking This or That Questions for Kids

Do you ever find yourself running out of things to talk about with your kids? Well, next time you’re looking for something fun and engaging to do together, try asking them some this or that questions for kids! These are great for getting kids to think critically and make decisions while having a good time. This blog post features some of the best this or that questions, but first, here’s a quick overview of what this game entails.

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What Are This and That Questions?

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You’ve probably heard your child ask a million “this or that” questions if you’re a parent. “Do you want to wear this shirt or that one?” “Do you want to eat this apple or that one?” “Do I have to take a bath, or can I just take a shower?” While these questions may seem trivial, they’re actually an important part of your child’s development.

By asking “this or that” questions, your child is learning how to make choices and explore different options. This allows them to develop problem-solving skills and learn more about their world. In addition, this or that for kids can be a fun way for parents to bond and connect with their children. Let’s learn how you can play the game with your child.

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How to Play This or That Game for Kids?

The rules for “this or that” questions are simple: one person asks a question with two options, and the other has to choose which option they prefer. The options include food, activities, clothing, people, places, etc. Asking follow-up questions about why the person made their choice can make the game more exciting and interactive.

To make it even more fun, you can also keep track of each person’s answers and see if there are any patterns or similarities. This game can be played with just one other person or a group of people. Now, let’s get to the good stuff: the list of this or that kids questions!

130+ Easy and Funny This or That Questions for Kids

Kids sitting on chairs playing a game

Ever had trouble deciding between two awesome things? “Chocolate ice cream or vanilla?” “Flying like a bird or swimming like a fish?” In this section, we’ve gathered a bunch of such cool dilemmas! These questions not only bring loads of laughter but also add an extra twist to decision-making. So, grab a seat with your little ones and enjoy pondering over these entertaining choices together!

  1. Winter or summer?
  2. Dogs or cats?
  3. Disney World or Universal Studios?
  4. Building a sandcastle or playing in the sand?
  5. Pizza or burgers?
  6. Video games or outdoor sports?
  7. Reading a book or watching a movie?
  8. Swimming in the ocean or a pool?
  9. Long car rides or plane rides?
  10. Wild animals or domestic pets?
  11. Painting or drawing?
  12. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  13. Playing make-believe or playing with toys?
  14. Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?
  15. Camping in a tent or staying in a cabin?
  16. Going to a water park or going to the movies?
  17. Singing or dancing?
  18. Building with Legos or Play-Doh?
  19. The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland?
  20. Spaghetti or mac and cheese?
  21. Skateboarding or rollerblading?
  22. Campfire s’mores or ice cream sundaes?
  23. Going to the zoo or an amusement park?
  24. Building a fort or building with blocks?
  25. Playing tag or hide and seek?
  26. Playing with action figures or dolls?
  27. Board games or card games?
  28. Colorful cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies?
  29. Soccer or basketball?
  30. Pancakes or waffles?
  31. The beach or the mountains?
  32. Playing a musical instrument or playing a sport?
  33. Disney Princess or Marvel Superhero?
  34. Boardwalk or carnival rides?
  35. Ballet or gymnastics?
  36. Painting a picture or writing a story?
  37. Water slides or bumper cars?
  38. Bubble gum or lollipops?
  39. Reading a comic or reading a newspaper?
  40. Camping in the woods or camping at the beach?
  41. Donuts or muffins?
  42. Playing tag or hopscotch?
  43. Playing outside in the rain or inside with arts and crafts?
  44. Summer camp or sleepaway camp?
  45. Playing the piano or playing the guitar?
  46. Making pizzas or making sandwiches?
  47. Reading a book or listening to an audiobook?
  48. Riding a Ferris wheel or riding a carousel?
  49. Going to a music festival or going to an amusement park?
  50. Playing dress up or playing with pretend money?
  51. Singing in the shower or singing along to music in the car?
  52. Going to the museum or going to the aquarium?
  53. Musical theater or plays?
  54. Drawing on a chalkboard or drawing with markers?
  55. Building a snowman or building a snow fort?
  56. Painting on a canvas or paint with sidewalk chalk?
  57. Ice skating or roller skating?
  58. Playing with bubbles or playing with a jump rope?
  59. Going to the circus or going to a concert?
  60. Have a tea party or a picnic?
  61. Monopoly or Sorry?
  62. Reading comic books or reading graphic novels?
  63. Playing with a yo-yo or playing with a hula hoop?
  64. Scary haunted house or scary roller coaster?
  65. Going to the library or going to the park?
  66. Jumping on a trampoline or swinging on swings?
  67. Build with Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys?
  68. Drawing with crayons or coloring with colored pencils?
  69. Playing hopscotch or playing four square?
  70. Going to the zoo or going to a farm?
  71. Swimming in a lake or swimming in a river?
  72. Singing karaoke or playing charades?
  73. Going to the carnival or going to a fair?
  74. Painting with watercolors or painting with oils?
  75. Playing catch or playing catch with a Frisbee?
  76. Play-Doh or Silly Putty?
  77. Going to the beach or going to an indoor water park?
  78. Playing tag or playing capture the flag?
  79. Going to the circus or going to a magic show?
  80. Hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
  81. Riding a roller coaster or riding go-karts?
  82. Playing tag or playing freeze tag?
  83. Wearing socks on your hands or wearing gloves on your feet?
  84. Being invisible or being able to fly?
  85. Eating a worm or eating a bug?
  86. Having a pet unicorn or having a pet dragon?
  87. Moving like a snail or talking like a parrot?
  88. Being able to eat only ice cream or being able to eat only candy?
  89. Having a pet elephant or a pet giraffe?
  90. Having a tail or wings?
  91. Having a talking lion as a best friend or having a talking bear as a best friend?
  92. Being able to breathe underwater or being able to talk to animals?
  93. Eating broccoli-flavored ice cream or eating spinach-flavored candy?
  94. Being able to read people’s thoughts or being able to control people’s actions?
  95. Having a pet dinosaur or having a pet robot?
  96. Being able to turn into any animal or being able to turn into inanimate objects?
  97. Living inside a video game or living inside a cartoon?
  98. Having a pet squirrel that can do tricks or a pet raccoon with a teddy bear?
  99. Being able to teleport or being able to freeze time?
  100. Eating only pizza or eating only chocolate for the rest of your life?
  101. Having a talking cat or having a talking dog?
  102. Being able to turn invisible or being able to fly?
  103. Living in a treehouse or living in a cave?
  104. Having the power to control water or having the power to control fire?
  105. Having x-ray vision or being able to read minds?
  106. Being able to breathe underwater or never getting sick?
  107. Being a mermaid or being a centaur?
  108. Growing wings and flying or being able to breathe underwater?
  109. Being able to speak all languages or being able to talk to animals?
  110. Living on the moon or living on Mars?
  111. Having a trampoline floor or a pool for a ceiling?
  112. Being able to control the weather or being able to control electricity?
  113. Never having to sleep again or never having to use the bathroom again?
  114. Living inside a snow globe or living inside a sandbox?
  115. Living in the jungle or living in the desert?
  116. Have a robot clone that can do everything you can, or have a magical fairy as a best friend?
  117. Moving objects with your mind or reading minds?
  118. Never getting tired again or never getting sick again?
  119. Growing a third arm or growing a tail?
  120. Swim with dolphins or fly with eagles?
  121. Live in a treehouse village or live in an underwater city?
  122. Always be 10 minutes early or always be 20 minutes late?
  123. Be able to speak every language fluently or be able to play any instrument perfectly?
  124. Shrink down to the size of an ant or grow to the size of a giant?
  125. Live in space on a spaceship or live at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine?
  126. Play with kittens all day or puppies all day?
  127. Have a photographic memory or have perfect dream recall?
  128. Be able to teleport anywhere or be able to time travel?
  129. Be able to speak with animals or be able to fly?
  130. Have a flying house or a floating house?
  131. Live in a yurt on the beach or live in a cabin in the mountains
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Get to Know Your Kids Better!

There you have it: an extensive list of the best this or that questions for kids. These are fun to play with friends and family, but they can also give you insight into your child’s preferences and personality. So grab a snack, sit down with your kids, and enjoy some entertaining conversations while getting to know them even better! Happy questioning!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many people can play this game?

There is no set limit on how many people can play at once. The more players there are, the longer the game will last and the more diverse answers you’ll get to choose from. However, it may be easier to track scores with a smaller group.

Can older kids or adults play this game?

Absolutely! This game can be played by people of any age and can be quite entertaining for adults. Feel free to modify the questions to better suit the age and interests of your players.

What if your kids can't decide on an answer?

Encourage them to think about which option they would most prefer or which one they feel strongly about. Make them close their eyes and imagine themselves in each scenario to help them decide. They can also flip a coin or ask someone else for their opinion. Ultimately, it’s up to them to choose.

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