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    Find Out How Positive Reinforcement Can Help Kids Learn Better

    Positive Reinforcement is a behavior management strategy that focuses on changing current behaviors or creating new behaviors which carry the desired effect through a stimulus like a reward. Read on to know all about positive reinforcement, including specific tips for parents and teachers

    Best Educational Games for Kids by Subjects & Grades

    Online educational games are fast replacing the traditional modes of teaching. It's time we make the best use of these technological advancements and enable a fearless learning process. Read on to find the best educational games, bifurcated by subjects and grades.

    Free Printables on Multiplication Charts & Times Tables: Concepts Made Easy

    We stress upon practicing math because it makes our kids critical of the world around them and is important for their academic journey. But are we making sure that they “practice” it and not “learn” it? It’s true that concepts like addition and subtraction can be done on fingers but what about multiplication and division? Are they also easy enough to ingrain in a kid’s mind? Or do we need a more cumulative and witty approach to teach our kids that it is not as difficult as it seems? Read on to successfully answer the above questions and help your kids love the ins and outs of multiplication.

    How to Multiply & Divide Fractions: Steps with Visual Models

    Due to the lack of deep understanding of fractions, kids have a hard time understanding them. Read on to know all about engaging methods that would help kids visualize and ease the understanding of procedures involved in multiplying and dividing fractions through a simple methodology involving just 4 steps.

    Scaffolding in Education: Proven Tips to Uplift Kids’ Academia

    If done strategically, scaffolding can help learners go from “what can I do” to “what more can I do”. It helps students explore a world full of possibilities and make way for a brighter future!  Read on to find out all about scaffolding.

    Say Goodbye to Zoom Blues with These Creative Backgrounds

    Your class will love these backgrounds and they’ll also help you keep your students motivated!

    Grab These Festive Templates for Santa Letter Week

    Every year, the second week of November is celebrated as Dear Santa Letter Week. It's the time when children around the world begin writing...