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    Collaborate, Play & Bridge Learning Gaps with SpringBoard 2021

    SplashLearn is back with the 7th edition of SpringBoard – the biggest math challenge in the country. It’s a fun math competition that can help your students practice what they’ve learned this school year in an interactive and engaging way. 

    Rollback the 2020 blues

    2020 changed the way students collaborated and engaged with their classmates and teachers. Children all over the world stayed at home, didn’t get a chance to meet their friends and missed out on the joy of rushing to school every day with their pretty little backpacks. While the world around us has changed, it’s important to keep students learning with their full potential and excitement, and SpringBoard 2021 promises to do exactly that! 

    Why your class should participate in SpringBoard 2021 

    1. Blends learning with fun!

    SpringBoard 2021 will not only help your students master their current grade skills, but will have them working towards a common goal. They will collaborate with each other, solve math problems with enthusiasm and will work towards winning the competition with liveliness.

    2. Inspires them to do better

    SpringBoard inspires students to do better, irrespective of the results of the competition. As students continue to monitor their progress on the leaderboard, they will gain math confidence and hopefully develop an increased fondness for the subject.

    3. Prizes worth $20,000 to be won

    Weekly prizes will be given to the best performing classes, both at the state and national level. At the end of 10 weeks, the top three classes with the most points will win the grand prize.

    Here’s how you can enroll your class

    Whether you already use SplashLearn in your classroom or want to create a free teacher account to participate, simply click on the button below (participation is free!)

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