BlogAllSpringBoard Front Runners and Winners at the end of Week 2

    SpringBoard Front Runners and Winners at the end of Week 2

    We are very excited to share the front runners on the Splash Math SpringBoard leaderboard at the end of the second week:

    SMSBLeaderboard7thApr (1)Division A: Grade K-2

    1. Mrs. DeFelice’s 1st Grade Classroom, Barksdale Elementary School, CONYERS, GA – 18088
    2. Biese 2014, Rock Ledge Primary School, Seymour, WI – 8921
    3. Ms. Fox, Gateway Christian School, Mount Dora, FL – 8091
    4. Sister’s 2nd Graders, St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI – 7972
    5. Lacefield Learners, Walden Elementary School, Deerfield, IL – 7558
    6. Skipper’s First Grade, Mathews Elementary School, Greenwood, SC – 7437
    7. Mrs. Eggemeyer’s 2nd graders, Iroquois West Elementary, Gilman, IL – 6848
    8. Hilton’s 2nd graders, Southwest Schools Mangum Elementary Campus, Houston, TX – 6463
    9. 1st Grade, Southern Columbia, Catawissa, PA – 6016
    10. Mrs.Royal’s Kindergarten Class, Blue Ridge Christian School, Glade Valley, NC – 5656

    Division B: Grades 3-5

    1. Ms. Howell, Lyman Elementary School, Lyman, SC – 30489
    2. Martinez’ 3rd Grade, Conchita Espinosa, Miami, FL – 21190
    3. Starkey 2015, Emily Starkey, Lyman, SC – 11801
    4. Monroig’s 3rd Graders, Marthasville Elementary, Marthasville, MO – 10561
    5. Small’s Grade 4, Southland, Rose Creek, MN – 10485
    6. McKeen, Sippican School, Marion, MA – 7547
    7. Stone’s Third Graders, Highland Elementary School, Sanford, NC – 7443
    8. Sister’s 3rd Graders, St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI – 7329
    9. Mrs. Richards 3rd graders, Wilson Preparatory Academy, Wilson, NC – 7206
    10. Mrs. J. Fernandez’s Class, Conchita Espinosa Academy, Miami, FL – 6738

    Great going, and wish you the best in the race to the finish line in four weeks!

    We also have a large number of classrooms meeting their weekly targets and winning the weekly Challenge Yourself prizes:

    • Over ninety classrooms in Week-2 and seventy five classrooms in Week-1
    • Over 37 Million and 43 Million points earned in those weeks respectively

    It is so impressive and heartening to see the intense math activity going on in classrooms everywhere, and the resultant amount of math learning. Students are indeed springboard’ing into the next grade with complete math confidence.

    Teachers, let us know if we can help in any way in your participation in Splash Math SpringBoard. Below are some useful links:


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