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    55 Best Positive Affirmations for Kids to Improve Confidence & Belief

    Kids positive affirmations have a transformative power to make kids feel loved, appreciated, and confident about conquering the day. You can change the way your kids think about their academic adventures with the correct affirmation at the right time. Your kids can also learn the role of perseverance and positivity first-hand through affirming messages.  

    Kids also feel a sense of well-being and self-esteem when they are regularly appreciated. Positive affirmations can focus on critical areas where kids might feel weaker, with parents guiding them along the way. Affirmations can also make kids feel more empowered, especially when they feel shy about going to school or speaking up in the classroom.

    Positive Affirmations for a Brighter Morning

    Inspirational words on a craft card kids positive affirmations

    1. It is a great day to feel empowered and take advantage of every opportunity.

    2. The sun is shining its light on me. I can do this.

    3. I have the power to do anything I set my mind to. I have a great start to the day.

    4. I may have weaknesses, but I can overcome any obstacle with hard work and effort.

    5. I have a special ability to make people smile. I am brave. I am patient.

    6. I want to make the most of my day today. I am creative, I am smart, and I have many talents.

    7. I can easily pick up new information. I will ask questions to my teachers when I have doubts.

    8. Mom loves me very much, and my whole family wants me to excel in anything I do. I have an incredible support system.

    9. I feel happy and excited to do new things today. Math, science, and geography are amazing for me to learn.

    10. I am looking forward to today. I have a lot of tasks to finish, and my teachers will help me every step of the way.

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    Affirmations for Improving Self-Esteem

    Mother and children happy in their home kids positive affirmations

    Improving self-esteem is key to better learning, having a positive mindset, and enhancing outlook towards the future.

    1. I have a purpose. I belong in this world. I want to explore and achieve great things.

    2. I am important. I am intelligent. I can set my mind to do anything I want to.

    3. I have self-worth and can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

    4. I am confident and unique, and I can perform better at school.

    5. I have value, and I have meaning in this world. I matter to the world, and I can give back.

    6. I can do anything I want to, at school or anywhere. I can shine brighter than the sun.

    7. I have amazing talents that my teachers want to see. I am worthy of attention.

    8. I am intelligent and calm, and I have a strong mind.

    9. I embrace my fears and become better than yesterday.

    10. I believe in my abilities to do anything I want to. Nothing is impossible for me.

    Kids’ Positive Affirmation for Enhancing Well-Being

    Children playing together in field kids positive affirmations

    It is important to enhance a child’s sense of well-being and comfort. These affirmations can change the way they perceive themselves.

    1. I am loved and comforted by my family. My mother and father love me very much. I am super special in their eyes.

    2. I will have a great day and enjoy time spent in school, with my friends, and by myself today.

    3. I will speak up if I want to say something. I will set boundaries where I need to.

    4. I can be assertive without being aggressive. I will clearly communicate when needed.

    5. My teachers are there to support my dreams. I want to use my support system to improve my life.

    6. It is okay to take a break when I feel emotional. I can communicate anger or sadness with my words.

    7. I will tell my mom and dad about my day when I meet them. I am so happy to see my family.

    8. I have a lot to offer the world. I can do anything my teachers ask me to do.

    9. I have a big heart, and I deeply care for animals, my family, friends, and myself.

    10. I have strong self-worth, and I care for myself physically and mentally.

    Affirmations for Kids to Excel in Subjects

    Two small children on ladder wearing space suits kids positive affirmations

    1. I can be good at math if I try my best.

    2. I can use online learning tools to better myself in grammar.

    3. Science is a fantastic subject, full of wonder and excitement. I can master it.

    4. I love history, and I want to know more about our Presidents.

    5. Algebra is one of my favorite subjects, and I want to excel in it.

    6. I can change the way I think about literature. I can be awesome at reading and writing.

    7. I will work hard at math like I work hard in other subjects.

    8. I want to explore everything that the world offers, especially in math and science.

    9. I take inspiration from my teachers and friends to do better in class.

    10. I can learn to identify my weaknesses and work on them to improve my grade.

    15 Daily Affirmations for Your Child

    child looking at inspirational quote on wall kids positive affirmations

    Here are some fantastic daily affirmations that you can share with your child. They can be handwritten and shared in their tiffin, put into their backpacks, or slipped into their pockets. The more innovative and fun the approach, the more significant the impact of the affirmation.

    1. I am loved. I have an awesome family that loves me very much.

    2. I am proud of myself for overcoming challenges. I have learned so much this past year.

    3. I have many talents, and I want to show them to the world. I can do anything I set my mind to.

    4. When I have done something wrong, I take responsibility for it and correct my mistakes the best way I can.

    5. I have many different interests, and I can explore them when I want to.

    6. I have many friends who want to play with me at school. I will share my toys with my friends.

    7. I am confident and loving, and I want to help anyone in my class who needs help.

    8. I can relax in tough situations and be myself when facing pressure.

    9. I am strong inside and out. I am patient with everyone and want to enjoy my day today.

    10. I love making new friends and meeting new people to learn something new each day.

    11. I can take time alone when I need to. I can excuse myself in any situation to take a break.

    12. I respect other people’s boundaries and would never harm someone knowingly or without provocation.

    13. I am likable and a good listener, and someone who will always be there for my friends and family.

    14. I am safe and always cared for. I don’t have to worry about anything, and I can focus on my day without feeling anxious.

    15. I can take positive steps in the right direction when something or someone upsets me. I can talk to my parents about anything.

    Using Kids Positive Affirmations the Right Way

    Children running in hallway Kids Positive Affirmations

    Kids experience several benefits when they hear positive affirmations from their parents. A new school year, new friends, and different environments can be challenging to navigate without the right attitude or approach.

    Affirmations can help shift your child’s mindset while providing care and comfort through the power of personalized notes. While the correct affirmation is key, it is essential to use them the right way to drive the message. Your kids can have a great start to their morning or keep Sunday night blues away with the right affirmative statements.

    Focusing on Handwritten Notes

    Handwritten notes are impactful and more meaningful for kids, especially if they’ve expressed that they miss home when they’re at school. Writing an affirmation each day or during the start of the week can also help you address specific areas that you want your child to experience.

    1. Posters of Positive Affirmations

    Posters are another excellent way to introduce affirmations and the power of a positive mindset. You can make custom posters, buy them online, or have your child make them based on what inspires them. You can even make mini-posters and place them on the fridge to remind your child that they are loved and appreciated.

    2. Lunchbox or Backpack Affirmations

    These affirmations are smaller and are focused on school activities. You can write them to remind your child about the wonders they are about to experience in school. You can also place them in backpacks if you want them to read the note right before starting their day.

    3. Affirmation Cards as Daily Notes

    You can also buy affirmation cards online and have your kids pick out one that they want to carry with them for the day. Everyone in the family can carry a card with them throughout the day to make it more special and memorable.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are positive affirmations used for kids?

    Kids’ positive affirmations are designed to motivate them to excel in their academic efforts. Kids of all ages can benefit from affirmations when they come from a positive place. They can also be shared with children, making them a versatile tool to help promote self-confidence. Kids can also use affirmations to focus on areas where kids may feel self-conscious.  

    Are affirmations effective for kids?

    Affirmations can be a sign of positive input, a new thought, or a source of inspiration for kids. Sometimes kids may not get the intended message behind the affirmation, so it is important to tailor it to their personal experiences.   

    How do I affirm my child?

    A sense of understanding is the key factor when affirming your child or sharing positive affirmations. Several messages can help affirm your child, such as:

    1. You are loved by everyone, and your light shines everywhere you go.
    2. Your heart is warm and has a place for everyone. Make new friends and be kind to others.
    3. You are so thoughtful in your learning. You make everyone smile around you.
    4. I am so blessed to have a child like you. You are my angel, and you make me so happy.

    How do you write affirmations for kids?

    Affirmations are impactful when they are personalized, specific to an event or experience, and designed to engage with kids. They should also be handwritten and genuine while using simpler words that make sense to kids.

    You can start with personal achievement, an area of weakness, or a general theme and share an affirmation that makes them feel proud, comforted, or rewarded in any way.

    When do I share a positive affirmation for kids?

    The best approach is to share affirmations multiple times during the week. Having a morning affirmation, a lunchtime affirmation, or even an evening affirmation, spread out throughout the week can make an impact. It is best to share one affirmation daily or every few days, depending on what your child responds to more.

    What does it mean to affirm your child?

    An affirmation is a statement of truth that reflects something about your child. It is a truth that they cannot see, but you as a parent do, or a truth about their abilities that they should be proud of.

    Different types of affirmations can be used, in conjunction with other rewards, to make your child feel confident to accomplish their goals at school. 

    Brian Lee
    Brian Lee is a writer and parent of 3 spirited children. He loves writing about his parenting experience, the lessons his kids teach him every day and parenting hacks and tricks he’s picked up along the way.

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