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    Launching Splash Math SpringBoard, a Contest to Motivate School Students to do More and Better Math


    US based Teachers in Grades K-5 Can Participate in First Ever Splash Math Contest Designed Such That Any Classroom Can Win

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our first ever contest created to motivate school students in Kindergarten through Grade 5: Splash Math SpringBoard. The objective of SpringBoard is to practice more math and master math skills so students end the school year with confidence, well prepared to graduate to the next grade.

    This time of the school year is particularly important to strengthen math learning. Spring is the period to reinforce learning, prepare for standardized tests, and be ready to graduate with confidence into the next grade. With the new Splash Math SpringBoard contest, our aim is to help teachers achieve this goal, that is, help them “springboard” their students into the next grade!

    One unique feature of Splash Math SpringBoard is that, to make it a completely fair contest, StudyPad has announced that all interested teachers will be provided free access to Splash Math Classroom PREMIUM Edition, a $7 per student value, till the end of the 2014-2015 school year. This is to ensure that all teachers have access to the enhanced features of this premium edition like cross-grade content, device independence, that is, seamless access of Splash Math on iPads and laptop and desktop computers, and advanced classroom management and reporting tools.

    More About Splash Math SpringBoard

    Splash Math Spring Board is our free, seven-week nationwide math contest for classrooms, from March 23rd to May 10th. Classrooms win exciting prizes by doing more & better math compared to others, and compared to themselves. Points are earned by students based on the number of math problems they attempt on Splash Math, and their degree of accuracy.

    The contest has been designed such that classrooms not only compete with each other for the Grand Prizes to be won at the end of the contest period, but also compete with themselves via “Challenge Yourself” weekly challenges where they aim to achieve the points target set for the week. All classrooms who achieve the weekly targets win prizes.

    More details on Splash Math SpringBoard are available at

    Teachers, start here for Splash Math and SpringBoard

    Official Splash Math SpringBoard Rules


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