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    Say Goodbye to Zoom Blues with These Creative Backgrounds

    Video calls can get a bit monotonous especially when there is no element of fun and engagement. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

    Never zoom out again (yes, it’s the 2021 version of zoning out). It’s time to zoom in with these vibrant virtual backgrounds!

    Teachers, we know your class is learning and having a great time with SpringBoard ‘21. That’s why we have some virtual backgrounds for you and them. Your class will love these backgrounds and they’ll also help you keep your students motivated! 

    It takes just three steps – click on the image, download it and add it as your virtual background! 

    Here’s a pinch of motivation for you and your students! 💪
    Team Work

    In this team, we are united towards one goal: winning SpringBoard 2021 🙌

    SpringBoard’21 isn’t complete without these vibrant colors

    “Achievers of the week”, because your students deserve recognition! 🏆

    Looking for more? Don’t worry, we have some more up our sleeve. Click on this button to explore them! 

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