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    Share the Love of SplashLearn

    Hope your students are enjoying SplashLearn. Your school has invested a good amount of resources in helping students get better at math.SplashLearn is a part of that. We are making efforts to provide a heart-some math practice for elementary kids. As summer approaches, parents are looking for good math programs to prevent the learning loss.

    SplashLearn Summer Program can help prevent summer learning loss. If you would like to inform parents about SplashLearn, you can mention SplashLearn on your school website or resources page. There are several ways to easily add SplashLearn logo:

    1) Student resource page:

    Your school website is a great resource to showcase SplashLearn in form of a simple logo or text. Typically schools list useful programs on pages such as: ‘Useful Links’, ‘Student Links’, ‘Math Resources’ etc. Some examples are as below.

    School2 School1 School3

    2) Teacher’s webpage:

    You may also add the SplashLearn to your page on the school website. Take a quick look at other teachers’ webpages:

    Teacher3 Teacher1 Teacher2

    One simple step to make it happen:

    For any of the above options, you need to add the following code to the website. Depending on your school website schema, copy and paste the respective HTML code snippet for SplashLearn Text or SplashLearn logo. You may simply forward the following content to the IT manager or the website content manager of your school website.

    • SplashLearn Logo – HTML Code
    • Splashmath-logo
    • <a href=””><img alt=”SplashLearn Logo” src=””></a>


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