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    Splash Math Apps at Franklin Elementary School

    Splash Math has been a big hit in schools. Lot of schools have bought, used, and loved Splash Math apps in their classrooms. We have recently started collecting feedback from schools who are using Splash Math on a daily basis with the students.  And to start it all, here is a guest post by Amber Kowatch, who teaches second grade students in Franklin Elementary School:

    I am a second grade teacher using iPads one-to-one with my students. While browsing the app store, I came across Splash Math. After checking it out for a few days on my personal iPad, I knew that this was a must have app for my students. Splash Math has made reinforcing taught concepts a much easier task in my classroom. After I do my lesson and my students have demonstrated some understanding of the concept, I am always sure to build in a few minutes of Splash Math time. My students have so much enjoyed this time of the day that they go home with their iPads each night and continue to practice their math skills. There are many reasons for them to be motivated as they love their iPad, Splash Math provides a fun and engaging opportunity for them to practice math, and the aquarium provides another dimension of motivation as well.

    My students were told at the beginning of the year to try and earn at least 100 points each week. They have definitely exceeded all expectations of that. Many students are earning 500-600 points weekly and enjoying every minute of it. Not only are they practicing on their own time, they are keeping me informed of their progress because Splash Math sends me a weekly progress report email to let me know exactly what skills my students have been working on. I see how many problems they have completed, which skills they performed adequately and what skills they still need more practice on. I look forward to my progress reports as it lets me know exactly where my students are and where I need to take them.

    Splash Math has been such a fun tool to have in our classroom. I recommend this app highly as it does so much more than just teach math. It gives my students the opportunity to truly love math and want to practice math any chance they can get!

    Amber Kowatch
    Second Grade Teacher
    Franklin Elementary School
    Ludington, MI

    If you have any experiences to share about Splash Math, mail us at

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