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    Splash Math SpringBoard Contest Winners Announced!


    Mrs. Julie DeFelice’s class at Barksdale Elementary School (Division A: Grades K-2) and Mrs. Ruth Howell’s class at Lyman Elementary School (Division B: Grades 3-5) have won the first prize in Splash Math SpringBoard! During SpringBoard the students in these classes solved 86,000 and 78,000 math problems respectively – that’s stupendous work, congratulations!

    Many congratulations to all our Grand Prize winners, leaderboards below:

    Division A
    Rank Teacher Name School Name
    1st Julie DeFelice Barksdale Elementary School
    2nd Delia Mac Vicar Carleton Village Sports & Wellness Academy
    3rd Monica Martin St. Theresa School


    Division B
    Rank Teacher Name School Name
    1st Ruth Howell Lyman Elementary School
    2nd Vivian Martinez Conchita Espinosa
    3rd Jessica Monroig Marthasville Elementary

    We are also delighted to share that 353 classrooms won the Challenge Yourself prizes! That is, all these classrooms reached their weekly math challenge, achieving the objective of doing more than ever before.

    Here are some other interesting SpringBoard numbers:

    • 15 Million math problems solved
    • 100% – 200% increase in math skills mastered
    • 75% classes improved their score by over 50% (and 30% classes improved it by over 100%!)

    Spring is an important period in the school year, when students prepare for tests and assessments and get ready to move up a grade. Directed focus on math at this time helps make this period a success in classrooms. This was the objective of this Splash Math contest – for teachers to help students springboard into the next grade. The SpringBoard experience across teachers tells us that this objective has been more than met!

    Thank you teachers and students for the amazing participation. And wish you a great end of school year and summer ahead.

    p.s. Have you signed up yet for the FREE Splash Math Summer Program? Yes, it’s free for all students in your class and school – stop summer slide and ensure students come back after summer math-ready for the next grade!


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