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    Twin Bombings Rattle Boston Marathon! StudyPad Extends Condolences

    Terror returns to the US. Reminiscing the blood-spattered scene after the 9/11 terror attacks, the shock waves of the twin bombings in Boston Marathon were felt in the whole of America on Monday afternoon. The fiery twin explosions in the swarming streets of spectators near the finish line of the Boston Marathon left at least three people dead and over 144 people severely injured; with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to lower leg trauma, shrapnel wounds, ruptured eardrums and several amputations. And, the injury toll continues to go up.

    One more explosive device discovered near the bombing site was successfully dismantled by the security personnel. The Boston Globe reported victims were brought to eight area hospitals with metal debris and ball bearings entrenched in their bodies.

    StudyPad denounces this heinous terrorist attack and expresses its deepest condolences and concern for the bereaved families, who’ve lost their loved ones, as well as those who are critically injured.


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