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    Spend a moment remembering what your school was like. Did you ever really enjoy the math classes? Do you remember those monotonous worksheets? Next Monday morning when your child gets on Splash Math, their experience will not be the same. They will actually fall in love with math!

    No more scribbling on dull sheets, no more waiting for the results, no more getting bored. In short, NO MORE WORKSHEETS! Instead an interactive and engaging experience shall await. Lifeless math will morph into an aquarium full of life and learning into a game of filling a tank with splashies, clown fishes and the likes.

    Problems intelligently designed specially for your child on Splash Math will make the experience of learning math not only entertaining but also rewarding. The questions will evolve as per your child’s requirements, ensuring they don’t unnecessarily spend time on problems they already know, but in learning new things every time they tap into Splash Math.

    Not just the kids, this app is designed keeping you as a teacher or a parent in mind as well. Your time is important, and so is the time you spend with the child. You will no longer be spending time correcting and evaluating hundred of sheets. Instead you will focus on real teaching. Splash Math is designed to provide deep insight into the student’s performance. Weekly reports provide a way to assess the child’s progress in a manner that would be extremely difficult to replicate with regular worksheets.

    We invite you and your child to experience this innovation in educational methodology, we invite you to play with Splash Math.

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