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Clause Conquerors - Lesson Plan

In this interactive grammar lesson titled 'Clause Conquerors', students embark on a journey to understand the intricacies of clauses and phrases. The lesson is divided into three sections: 'Are you ready?', 'Let us Learn', and 'Your Turn Now'. The first section sets the tone for the class with review activities. In the second section, students work alongside their tutor to identify parts of sentences, combine phrases and clauses, and distinguish between independent and dependent clauses. The final section allows students to independently practice what they've learned through sentence editing exercises. A takeaway handout is provided for further practice at home.

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The main focus of 'Clause Conquerors: An Interactive Grammar Lesson' is to help students understand and master the use of clauses and phrases in sentences.

The activities in 'Clause Conquerors: An Interactive Grammar Lesson' include identifying parts of sentences, combining phrases and clauses, distinguishing between independent and dependent clauses, as well as sentence editing exercises.

Clause Conquerors: An Interactive Grammar Lesson' reinforces learning by providing opportunities for both guided practice with a tutor as well as independent practice. Additionally, a takeaway handout is provided for further practice at home.


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