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Clause Craftsmanship - Lesson Plan

Our 'Clause Craftsmanship' lesson begins with a review of simple and compound sentences, followed by an introduction to independent and dependent clauses. Students engage in annotation activities to identify different types of sentences and create their own complex ones. The tutor guides students through discussions and examples, encouraging them to apply what they've learned. The lesson concludes with a summary slide and an exit slip for students to demonstrate their understanding.

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The 'Clause Craftsmanship' lesson plan focuses on teaching students about simple, compound, and complex sentences using interactive activities and discussions.

The 'Clause Craftsmanship' lesson includes annotation activities, sentence creation tasks, a bug hunt activity where students identify types of sentences, as well as editing exercises.

The 'Clause Craftsmanship' lesson plan assesses student learning through an exit slip where students demonstrate their understanding of the concepts covered in the lesson.


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