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Gratitude & Grammar - Lesson Plan

In 'Gratitude & Grammar: An Interactive Lesson', students embark on a unique learning journey where they practice plural nouns and prepositions within the context of writing a thank you note. The lesson begins with greetings and warm-up exercises, followed by an engaging narrative where students help Lookie move into his new home. As the story unfolds, students assist Lookie in writing a thank you note to Orenda. The lesson concludes with a summary of what was learned and worksheets for further practice.

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The 'Gratitude & Grammar: An Interactive Lesson' focuses on practicing plural nouns and prepositions while teaching students how to write a thank you note.

The 'Gratitude & Grammar: An Interactive Lesson' makes learning interactive by using a narrative where students help Lookie move into his new home and write a thank you note, thereby practicing their grammar skills in real-life situations.

Some methods used in the 'Gratitude & Grammar: An Interactive Lesson' include greetings and warm-up exercises, checking-in with students, discussing the importance of thank you notes, implicit practice of grammar concepts through storytelling, guided writing activities, and providing worksheets for reinforcement.


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