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Rhyme Time Rendezvous Poetry - Lesson Plan

In this engaging lesson plan, students are introduced to the concept of syllables through a fun game called 'The Syllable Train'. They then delve into the world of poetry with the poem 'Cone', learning about onset and rime. The lesson continues with identifying rhyming words in the poem 'A Happy Face' before culminating in a creative task where students write their own poem using rhyming words. The methods used include warm-up exercises, games, reading aloud, visual cues, repetition and student participation.

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The main focus of 'Rhyme Time Rendezvous: An Interactive Poetry Lesson' is to teach students about syllables and rhyming words through interactive games and activities. It also aims to foster an appreciation for poetry by reading poems aloud and encouraging students to write their own poems.

The 'Rhyme Time Rendezvous: An Interactive Poetry Lesson' engages students by incorporating warm-up exercises, games, reading aloud sessions with expression and miming for better understanding. Students are also encouraged to share their thoughts verbally which promotes active participation.

In the 'Rhyme Time Rendezvous: An Interactive Poetry Lesson', students develop skills such as understanding syllables and rhyming words, appreciating poetry, expressing themselves verbally, participating actively in class activities and writing creatively.


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