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Modal Magic - Lesson Plan

This exciting lesson plan titled 'Modal Magic: An Interactive Grammar Lesson' is designed to introduce and practice modal verbs through engaging activities and discussions. The lesson is divided into four sections: 'Are you ready?', 'Let us Learn', 'Your Turn Now', and 'Summary'. Students will engage in conversations, active reading, annotation activities, comprehension questions, sentence creation and editing tasks all centered around modal verbs. They'll also participate in fun activities like 'Bug Collection' and 'I am a Superhero'. The lesson ends with an exit slip quiz to test understanding and additional practice activities if time permits. A takeaway handout is provided for further practice.

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The main focus of the 'Modal Magic: An Interactive Grammar Lesson' is to introduce and practice using modal verbs through various interactive activities and discussions.

The 'Modal Magic: An Interactive Grammar Lesson' includes several engaging activities such as identifying modal verbs in passages, annotating texts, completing sentences with correct modals, editing sentences in a bug collection activity, creating superhero sentences using modals, an exit slip quiz, among others.

In summarizing the 'Modal Magic: An Interactive Grammar Lesson', the tutor covers key points including identifying modal verbs, understanding their different uses, completing sentences with correct modals and creating their own sentences using modals. A fun fact about modals is also shared along with an exit slip quiz to test understanding.


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