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Time Travel with Verbs - Lesson Plan

In this exciting lesson titled 'Lets Turn Back the Clock!', students embark on a journey through time to master past tense verbs. The session begins with a warm-up exercise that introduces verbs and tenses. Students then learn about the concept of past tense using an illustrated timeline and exercises focused on -ed forms and irregular forms of past participle. The learning is reinforced through games, error correction exercises, and discussions where students apply their knowledge in real-life contexts. The lesson concludes with a summary of what was learned, along with additional practice worksheets for reinforcement.

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The 'Lets Turn Back the Clock!' lesson plan primarily focuses on teaching students about past tense verbs, including regular and irregular forms.

The 'Lets Turn Back the Clock!' lesson plan engages students through interactive methods such as warm-up exercises, games, visual aids like illustrated timelines, error correction activities, and discussions where they can apply what they've learned.

The 'Lets Turn Back the Clock!' lesson plan provides a link to a takeaway handout for additional practice. It also includes a tutor-only section that offers more practice opportunities for students who struggled with concepts during class.


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