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Time Travel with Tenses: A Verbs Voyage - Lesson Plan

This lesson plan takes students on a thrilling journey of mastering verb tenses. It begins with a hook activity that sets the tone for the lesson and generates interest. The tutor then reviews simple and progressive tense verbs using flashcards. Students participate in various activities to practice identifying verbs, sorting them into tenses, and switching tenses in sentences. They also have opportunities for independent practice, including supplying verbs, editing/correcting sentences, and creating their own sentences. The lesson concludes with a summary, fun fact about the Pony Express, exit card, takeaway handout, and additional practice if time allows.

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The main focus of 'Time Travel with Tenses: A Verbs Voyage' is to help students master simple and progressive verb tenses through interactive activities and quizzes.

Time Travel with Tenses: A Verbs Voyage' engages students by using flashcards for review sessions, providing hands-on activities for practice, offering independent tasks for application of learned concepts, and sharing fun facts to keep the learning process interesting.

In 'Time Travel with Tenses: A Verbs Voyage', an exit card and takeaway handout are provided for further practice and assessment. If time allows, there's also a wheel of tenses activity for additional practice.


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