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12 Best Spelling Apps For Kids in 2024

Did you know that worldwide, approximately 7% of children and adolescents struggle with spelling? Fortunately, modern educational technology offers a solution: spelling apps for kids. These apps provide valuable support for children facing spelling challenges. This blog will explore the 12 best spelling apps for kids to improve their spelling skills and easily overcome spelling obstacles.

1.  SplashLearn

Spelling game on SplashLearn

Who is it for: Prek through Grade 5

SplashLearn is a dynamic spelling solution that systematically guides kids from basic letter recognition to advanced spelling strategies. You can start with foundational skills and progress through a structured curriculum.

You get an extensive range of spelling games organized into categories such as letters, sight words, diphthongs, digraphs, trigraphs, and more. These games help kids not only master spelling but also understand the nuances of English phonetics. To ensure that spelling becomes second nature, SplashLearn also provides a variety of worksheets that allow for repeated practice, reinforcing the spelling rules and patterns learned through the games.

This dual approach of interactive games and practical worksheets makes SplashLearn an effective platform for enhancing spelling proficiency.

Devices Availability: iOS  and Android

2. Avokiddo ABC Ride

Play store page of Avokiddo ABC Ride

Who is it for: Preschool to Grade 2

Avokiddo ABC Ride is a creative spelling app for students that transforms learning into an adventurous game. As children guide characters on bikes through interactive environments, they complete tasks that involve spelling words correctly to progress. This app teaches spelling through engaging storytelling and problem-solving activities, making it a great spelling learning app.

Devices Availability: Android

3. Word Wizard for Kids

App store page of Word Wizard for Kids

Who is it for: Elementary school students

Word Wizard for Kids offers a comprehensive approach to practicing spelling words. With its focus on phonics and word building, this app helps students understand spelling patterns and improve their vocabulary. Kids can listen to the sounds of letters, spell out words, and even create their own custom spelling lists. It’s perfect for elementary school students looking for an interactive app to practice spelling words.

Devices Availability: iOS and Android

4. Spelling Shed

App store page of Spelling Shed

Who is it for: Students of all ages

Spelling Shed is known for its effectiveness in helping students master spelling skills. The app provides a range of spelling activities and games to reinforce learning, including word search puzzles, spelling challenges, and interactive quizzes. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Spelling Shed suits students of all ages and abilities.

Devices Availability: iOS and Android

5. SpellBoard

App store page of SpellBoard

Who is it for: Students of all ages

SpellBoard is designed to make spelling practice engaging and effective. This spelling application offers customizable spelling lists, allowing students to practice words tailored to their skill level and curriculum. With features like flashcards, quizzes, and progress tracking, SpellBoard helps students improve their spelling skills at their own pace. It’s one of the best spelling apps for students of all ages.

Devices Availability: iOS 

6. Osmo Words

App store page of Osmo Words

Who is it for: Preschool to Grade 4

Osmo Words is a children’s spelling app that combines physical interaction with digital learning. By using physical tiles to spell out words on-screen, children can engage in a hands-on learning experience that promotes critical thinking and spelling skills. This app is designed to be interactive and fun, encouraging cooperative play and learning among friends or family members.

Devices Availability: iOS 

7. Rocket Speller

App store page of Rocket Speller

Who is it for: Preschool through Grade 2

Rocket Speller is designed for children in preschool through first grade.

Rocket Speller helps young learners master spelling through an engaging, interactive game where they build and customize rockets by correctly spelling words. The app supports phonetic awareness and vocabulary development, offering a progression from simple three-letter words to more complex terms. The unique, thematic gameplay not only keeps children engaged but also reinforces spelling skills effectively, utilizing visual and auditory cues to ensure a thorough learning experience. 

Devices Availability: iOS

8. Sight Words Adventure

App store page of Sight Words Adventure

Who is it for: Preschool to Grade 1

Sight Words Adventure is a learn to spell app specifically designed for early learners to master sight words, which are crucial for reading fluency and spelling accuracy. This app uses fun games and activities to teach children how to recognize, pronounce, and spell essential words, making it an engaging way to boost foundational language skills.

Devices Availability: iOS and Android

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9. PocketPhonics

App store page of PocketPhonics

Who is it for: Preschool to Grade 1

PocketPhonics introduces kids to the basics of letters and sounds, paving the way for effective spelling and reading. This app uses phonics and handwriting practice to teach children how to form letters and blend sounds into words, offering a step-by-step approach to early literacy skills.

Devices Availability: iOS

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10. Spelling Whizz

App store page of Spelling Whizz

Who is it for: Grade 1 to Grade 6

Spelling Whizz is designed as a comprehensive tool to help young learners improve their spelling skills through structured activities and games. This app progressively challenges students by introducing increasingly difficult words, making it a fantastic resource for building a strong spelling foundation. It provides instant feedback and rewards to keep children motivated and engaged in their learning journey.

Devices Availability: iOS

11. Dinosaur Train A to Z

App store page of Dinosaur Train A to Z

Who is it for: Preschool to Grade 2

Dinosaur Train A to Z is an educational app that combines the excitement of dinosaurs with learning the alphabet and spelling. Each alphabet letter is represented by a dinosaur, and interactive activities help children spell dinosaur names and other prehistoric vocabulary. This thematic approach makes learning fun and memorable for young dinosaur enthusiasts.

Devices Availability: iOS and Android

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12. Spelling Hangman

App store page of Spelling Hangman

Who is it for: Grade 2 to Grade 8

Spelling Hangman takes the classic game of hangman and turns it into a spelling challenge that is both fun and educational. Players guess letters to form words, improving their spelling and vocabulary skills in the process. This app provides a range of word categories and difficulty levels, making it suitable for learners of all ages who want to test and improve their spelling abilities.

Devices Availability: iOS

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To effectively boost your child’s spelling abilities, select a spelling app for kids that matches their learning style and start incorporating it into their daily routine. Consistent use of these tools can lead to noticeable improvements in their spelling and overall literacy skills. To see real benefits, aim for regular, structured practice sessions using the best spelling apps for kids of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a free website where you can practice spelling?

Yes, SplashLearn offers a great opportunity for free spelling practice. Every day, it provides two free activities, which could be fun games or engaging spelling worksheets.

Which are the best spelling apps for 10 year olds?

For 10-year-olds, apps like SplashLearn, Spelling Shed, SpellBoard, and Spelling Hangman are highly effective. These apps provide age-appropriate challenges and interactive features to keep them engaged.

How do I help my child with spelling?

To help your child with spelling, engage them in daily practice using interactive spelling apps for kids or worksheets. Also, encourage reading, as exposure to words enhances their spelling skills and vocabulary. Regularly reviewing and discussing new words can also be beneficial.

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