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    21 Best Thanksgiving Wishes for Kids to Wish Family Members

    Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States of America that is observed nationwide on the last Thursday of November.

    This occasion commemorates the traditional giving of thanks for the fall harvest. Giving thanks for the annual crop is one of the oldest traditions in the world, dating back to the start of civilization. This is commemorated in a variety of ways throughout the world. 

    The original Thanksgiving lasted three days, with immigrants and Red Indians dining on dried fruits, boiling pumpkin, turkey, and a variety of other foods.

    Happy Thanksgiving wishes for kids to wish family members

    • We may be a weird family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I cannot express how privileged I feel to have such an incredible family.
    • I am really blessed with such wonderful people like you as my family. I certainly cannot be thankful enough to you guys for everything you have done.
    • Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who make me grateful to be who I am.
    • Home is having a place to call your own. Having someone to have your back when you’re going through the worst part of your life is like a blessing. A wish is not enough maybe, but I wish you all the happiness this Thanksgiving.
    • We do not get to choose our families when we are born. But I believe to be really lucky as I am blessed to be part of this family. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • Today is a day to express gratitude, reflect on happy memories, and hug those who enhance our lives. I’m grateful for a lot of things, but you’re at the top of my list.

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    We start and end with family!

    The family of a child plays a very important part in their lives. From the very first moment a child is born, they rely on their parents and families to protect them from any harm and provide them with everything. Thus, a beautiful bond is created between the child and their families.

    Parents serve as role models and families have a critical role in preparing children for school by caring for and teaching them during their early years. So, wishing parents on such a special day makes it extremely important and special for children.

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    Happy Thanksgiving wishes for kids to wish friends

    Cute-sy & warm Thanksgiving wishes for friends

    • Your friendship has added significance to my life. Thank you so much for always being there at my lowest and having my back.
    • Thank you for helping to make the world a better place, and most importantly, for being my best friend!
    • I’ll count you twice if I count all of my blessings. Thank you for being such a great friend in my life.
    • I appreciate all of the joy you bring into my life. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    • I know a Thank you is not enough to repay everything you have done for me. But still, thank you very much for everything. You are like a blessing in my life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    • My name should be Lucky because I am fortunate and grateful to have you in my life. My friend, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    • Because I have a friend like you, my heart is overflowing with joy and thankfulness. I wish that you enjoy this wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season to the fullest!
    • Best wishes for the holidays! I know I will miss you for a while, but don’t worry! I can’t wait to meet you at the Thanksgiving dinner. So till then, wishing you a great Thanksgiving!
    • I regard you as a friend, and I appreciate you for sticking by me till the end. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Here’s to giving thanks and having a friend who is always there for me. A very Happy Thanksgiving darling, though I could never thank you enough!!
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    Funny Thanksgiving wishes for friends

    • Thank goodness we are not born as turkeys!! LOL Happy Thanksgiving!!
    • I’m thankful to the Lord for giving me a food-obsessed gang just like me. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    • With you guys as my friend, I can never have excess food for Thanksgiving Dinner. Wish you a delicious Thanksgiving!!
    • I thought I was crazy, then I met you. Happy Thanksgiving, the crazier one!!

    Friends are the cherries in the cake of life!

    Friendship is just as vital to our health as eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Every relationship that we come across in our lives, is built on a single strong foundation, and that is friendship. 

    Our friends, even those who are opposed to us or hold a different worldview, teach us how to deal with life. These folks encourage us to step beyond our comfort zones while also offering a safe and emotional environment in which we are completely ourselves.

    Friends are a fantastic source of support at stressful times. They listen to us, reassure us, or simply give us a shoulder to cry on. They’re like a second family to us, even though we’re not related by blood.

    Now that all the wishes are done let us get geared up for the much-awaited Thanksgiving dinner!

    What’s for Dinner? 

    Well, Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without Turkey.

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    Getting the ideal balance of crackling exterior skin and moist inner meat, whether roasted, smoked, brined, or fried, is an art. 

    You must load the turkey with cornmeal, onions, celery, and dried cranberries before putting it in the oven.

    Once you take out the turkey from the oven, be prepared for a lot of gravy. It is nothing but a delicious juice that has oozed from the baked or roasted turkey. You should definitely add this to the turkey while serving as it’s delicious.

    Smothered in the rich gravy sauce from the turkey, mashed potatoes are undoubtedly the most magnificent and substantial dish on the Thanksgiving dinner menu.

    The ultimate Thanksgiving treat is homemade pumpkin pie. It is sweet, seasonal, and filling.

    Now that you’ve wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, it’s time to soak in wishes from your SplashLearn family!

    At SplashLearn, we are committed to helping kids become fearless learners and learn with everything they have got. When learning becomes fun, a lifelong adventure is guaranteed!

    SplashLearn wishes you all a fun & happiness-filled Thanksgiving!

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