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    50 Humorous Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids & Adults To Tell This Turkey Day

    50 best Thanksgiving jokes to help slide into the fun

    While Thanksgiving family time and food preparation are often enjoyable, they can also be a major source of holiday-induced stress. To help alleviate some of the stress, we’ve compiled a list of the best Thanksgiving jokes to help lighten the mood at your dinner table.

    Any family dinner is incomplete without some fun and laughter. And if we are talking about Thanksgiving dinner, then some dad jokes and some bad jokes are basically mandatory.

    You and your loved ones will be rolling on the floor with laughter as you read through the dozens of Thanksgiving jokes for kids and adults below. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and with turkey and mashed potatoes on the menu, what more could you want?

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    Hilarious Thanksgiving jokes for kids

    • Why do you think Turkeys love rainy days? Because they love fowl weather!!
    • Can anyone guess how Thanksgiving ends? With the letter G.
    • What did grandpa say when he was full? Oh my Gourd! I am too full!!
    • What do you get when you divide the circumference by diameter? The Pi-(e)!!
    • What can you call Turkey on the day following Thanksgiving? LUCKY!!
    Dancing turkey GIF
    • When Uncle Fred asked Jason why he ate the leftovers for a week, what did he reply? “I c(r)an and I will”.
    • Can the Turkey jump higher than Uncle Jim’s house? Obviously. Houses can’t jump!!
    • What did Aunt Joe tell his sulking nephew? You are looking like a (Pil)-grim
    • How did Salt and pepper welcome the guests at Thanksgiving dinner? “Season(ing)’s greetings!!
    Salt and Pepper GIF

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    • Can you guess the Pumpkin’s favorite sport? It’s the Squash!!
    • What can you call your Turkey if you see it running away? A fast food.
    • What is the best thing that you should definitely put into the Pumpkin pies? Your teeth!!
    • Why couldn’t the band perform during Thanksgiving dinner? Because someone ate the drumsticks!
    • What does a pilgrim call their sad friend? A pal-grim.
    • Why is Turkey easily allowed to be a part of the Rock Band? Because he always brings his own drumsticks.
    • What is the best dress that you can wear at the Thanksgiving Dinner? The (Har)-vest
    • Can you guess the caller tune of Turkey’s phone? Its Wing. Wing. Wing!
    Walking turkey GIF

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    • How did the Thanksgiving dinner turn out to be so expensive?? It had 24 carrots.
    • Where on earth can you expect Christmas to arrive before Thanksgiving? In a dictionary.
    Cat going Oooooooh GIF
    • What key will not open the door to your kitchen?? The Tur-key.
    • If you ask the sweet potato if he is alright, what is he going to reply? Yes, I am!!!
    • What is the favorite dish of turkey at Thanksgiving dinner?? It does not have one as it is already too stuffed!!
    • When are the Turkeys most thankful to the people? The following Friday after Thanksgiving!!
    • How to save the Thanksgiving dinner if you accidentally fell over the potatoes?? Serve the guests with Squash Casserole.
    • Which kind of glass does a Turkey prefer on Thanksgiving? A goblet.
    Goblet of Fire GIF

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    Hilarious Thanksgiving jokes for adults

    • Why did the man separate the chicken and turkey?? Because he discovered Fowl play.
    • Why did Turkey carry a mic along with it to the Thanksgiving dinner? Because it was getting prepared to roast!!
    • What will happen if the cranberries on the table get sad? They will become blueberries!
    • What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day? Quack, quack!
    • What’s the universal key to a lovely Thanksgiving? The tur-key
    • Why do you think Turkey visited the Plastic Surgeon just before Thanksgiving? Because it immediately needed a breast reduction!!
    David from schitt creek GIF
    • What will your refrigerator reply on the day after Thanksgiving, if asked, is everything alright there? “Unfortunately no, everything is leftover”
    • Why is the Thanksgiving Dinner so smooth? Because everyone had their designated (casse)- role.
    • What did the salad say to the butter who constantly kept on cracking jokes?? Bro, you are on a roll!
    • What key, no matter how hard you try, can’t open doors? Turkey.
    • Before he was roasted, what did the turkey say? “OK, no insults to me.” “Roast me!”
    • What’s a decent term for constipation after Thanksgiving? Turkey is in a state of limbo.
    • Why did the farmer use the steam roller on his potato field? He wanted to cultivate mashed potatoes!!
    Potato dancing GIF
    • How did the turkey reach our home for Thanksgiving dinner?? He took the gravy train!
    • Who did Turkey thank on Thanksgiving? The vegetarians and vegans.
    • Why does Turkey always cross the road twice?? To prove he isn’t a chicken.
    Hello chicken GIF
    • Why do you often see the pants of the pilgrims falling off? Because the buckles are worn on their hats!
    • What should be the aim of Thanksgiving dinner? “gobble till you start to wobble”
    Joey GIF on thanksgiving
    • How does a roasted Turkey flirt? “Hey I loved meeting you, and this is gravy, the best you can do now, is carve me maybe”.
    mr bean winking eyes GIF
    • You know what Thanksgiving is all about? It is all about that baste!!
    • If things go out of control do not lose your head!! Cz you know the Turkeys already did that for you!!
    • On Thanksgiving, why didn’t the turkey bake properly? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it’s some foul play.
    • What would the remake of Money Heist be called, if the Turkeys recreated it? “The Poultrygeist”
    GIF of Denver from money heist
    • What is traditionally served at the conclusion of Thanksgiving? Traditionally, the letter G.
    • What do you get if an octopus is crossed with Turkey? A drumstick for everyone.

    You will be laughing all evening with this collection of Thanksgiving jokes, which includes turkey puns, food-related one-liners, and pilgrim jokes. These Thanksgiving jokes for the whole family will have you laughing all night.

    There are jokes about classic side dishes, the act of cooking dinner, overeating, among other topics. As you might expect, jokes about turkey are the most popular category of Thanksgiving jokes.

    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the importance of close family and friends in our lives, as well as the fall harvest. The festival is rooted in a great sense of gratitude.
    Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world for its significance in American culture, and it is featured prominently in a number of popular American television shows.

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    Thanksgiving leftovers may be plentiful, but Thanksgiving turkey jokes for kids are sure to keep them coming back for more. These jokes will keep you entertained whether you are with your own children, family members, or friends.

    After a pandemic, a Thanksgiving dinner full of laughter is exactly what we all need. Even if there won’t be a large crowd at the Thanksgiving table this year, these hilarious Thanksgiving jokes will keep your family members or roommates laughing throughout the meal.

    SplashLearn team wishes you a very yummy & funny Thanksgiving!

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