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90+ Witty Math Jokes & Puns That Are Pi-Fect & ACute!

The school math teacher was seen with a graph paper before today’s test. She must be plotting something for the test. Could it be that she’s just plotting to make math more boring? Leave all the worries behind, because we’re here with the pi-fect math jokes! 

Math Jokes are a perfect way to ignite a lifelong interest in math in kids. Jokes are a great way to simplify concepts that, at times, might seem difficult to your kid.

P.S: We also have super cool math games to help kids discover the true magic of math!

Jump right in (no, not right, 40 degrees maybe?)

Counting & Number Jokes for Kids
Multiplication & Division Jokes 
Pi Jokes
Shapes Jokes
Algebra & Geometry Jokes
Addition & Subtraction Jokes 
Money Jokes 
Fraction & Decimal Jokes
Math Puns 

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Counting & Number Jokes for a Whole-some Prime Time

A Gif In my prime
  1. What is odd? Every alternate number!
  2. Why was 10 was very happy when 2 was not around? Because 10 finally 8. 
  3. Are monsters good at math? Not unless you Count Dracula.
  4. 7 asked 9, ‘Looks like you have put on some weight?’ 9 replied ‘Yeah, I rounded up.’
  5. What are ten things you can always count on? Your fingers.
  6. If I had six oranges in one hand and four apples in the other hand what would I have? Really big hands!
  7. What are three types of people in the world? Those who can count, and those who can’t.
  8. There are 36 sheep. Why did the shepherd count 40? He rounded them up.
  9. ​​An odd man was to do eight jobs, why did he only do 4? He only did jobs 1, 3, 5, and 7.
  10. What is the solution to any equation? Multiply both sides by zero.
  11. ​​Why is 69 so scared of 70? Because once they fought, and 71.
  12. Which numbers just won’t sit still? Roamin’ numbers.
  13. What do you call the number 7 and the number 3 when they go out on a date?
    The odd couple, also because 7 is in its prime.
  14. Why do teens travel in a group of three or five or seven? Well, because they can’t even!
  15. What seems odd? The numbers that cannot be divided by two.
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Multiplication & Division Jokes for Cheerful Times

A division multiplication GIF
  1. Why are multiplication and division always right? Because they have facts. 
  2. Which tool is best suited for mathematics? Multi-pliers.
  3. A teacher asked her student “Why are you doing math on the floor?” The student answered, “You told us not to use any tables!”
  4. What do you get when you multiply a New York City landmark by itself? Times Square.
  5. What do you get when multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction don’t shower for a month? The Odor of Operations.
  6. What kind of math was Jesus the best at? Cross multiplication.
  7. Swimmers love one kind of math more than all others, what is it? Dive-ision!
  8. The minus sign tried to explain to the plus sign how multiplication works, …but he only understood sum of it.
  9. Why did the girl always wear glasses when doing math? It improved her di-vision!
  10. Why did John have trouble memorizing multiplication tables? Because times were difficult.
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Pi Jokes to Double the Fun by 3.14xxxxxxx

Math jokes - Pi Pi Pi GIF
  1. Why shouldn’t you be afraid of advanced math? Because it is as easy as a pi.
  2. What is a math teacher’s favorite snake? A pi-thon.
  3. What do you get when you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin Pi!
  4. What would happen when Pi is fighting with an imaginary number? “Get real,” Pi said. “Be rational,” the imaginary number said.
  5. What do you get when you divide the circumference of the sun by its diameter? Pi in the sky.
  6. Why shouldn’t you let advanced math intimidate you? It’s as easy as pi!
  7. Why should you never start a conversation with Pi? Because it’ll just go on and on forever.

Shapes Jokes to Help Figure Out the Math Form

GIF we'll see how that shapes put
  1. Why did the square fail its exam? Because of 2D.
  2. Why is circle an intelligent shape? Because it has 360 degrees.
  3. Why is the obtuse triangle always upset? Because it’s never right!
  4. Why does nobody talk to circles? Because there is no point.
  5. Why did the triangle make the basketball team? It always made three-pointers.
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Algebra & Geometry Jokes to Make Calculus Liveli-lus

Gif on algebra in math class math jokes for kids
  1. Anne’s brother likes algebra a lot, that’s why she calls him algebro. 
  2. 60 degrees is such A CUTE angle.
  3. Why are 60 degrees and 30 degrees proud of their child 90 degrees? Because it is always right.
  4. Who’s the king of the pencil case? “The ruler!”
  5. Which knight created the round table? “Sir Cumference!”
  6. If you’re cold, go to the corner of the room. It’s 90 degrees there!
  7. Do you know which tree is the math teacher’s favorite? Geometry!
  8. It’s so sad to think that parallel lines have so much in common…but they’ll never be able to meet!
  9. Do you know who invented algebra? An x-pert.
  10. Dear Algebra, stop trying to find your x. They’re never coming back — don’t ask y.
  11. Where did the geometry teacher go on vacation? Who knows? All I know is that she’s polygon.
  12. Why is math hated by plants? Because their roots get squared.
  13. Why are math nerds and teachers great dancers? Because they know their algo-rythm
  14. Why is it hard to drink water that has eight ice cubes? It is two cubed.
  15. What did the confused kid say when he was asked what is 2n + 2n? It sounds 4n to me.

Addition & Subtraction Jokes to Take Away Math Blues

A GIF on addition subtraction
  1. Why do math teachers like ‘+’? Because it got SUM moves.
  2. The minus sign was talking to the positive sign. The minus sign asked, “Are you sure I make a difference?” and the other sign said “I’m positive!”
  3. No matter how big or small, you can make a difference. It’s called subtraction.
  4. What’s the best way to get a math tutor? An add!
  5. How do you make seven even? Subtract the “S.”
  6. What happens when you keep missing math class? It really starts to add up.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, my next song is entitled ‘Subtraction’. Take it away.
  8. Which is the favorite season of a math number? Sum-mer.
  9. I’ve decided to become a math teacher, but I’m only going to teach subtraction. I just want to make a difference.
  10. Think of a number between 5 and 15. Multiply by 2, add 3, and subtract 7 from the answer. Now close your eyes. Dark, isn’t it?

Money Jokes to Add in the Silly Fund

A girl with money GIF
  1. Why did the quarter not roll down the hill along with the nickel? Because the quarter had more cents!
  2. How are a dollar and the moon similar? They both have four quarters!
  3. Where does the frog put its money? In the river bank, of course! 
  4. If money starts to grow on trees, what season would everyone love? Fall.
  5. How can one become rich by eating? By eating fortune cookies.
  6. Why did the student eat his dollar bill? His mother told him it was for lunch
  7. What did the dollar name its daughter? Penny.
  8. What kind of money do elves use? Jingle Bills.
  9. Where can a fish borrow money? From a loan shark.
  10. Why does the quarter get in less trouble than the dime? Because it has more cents.

Fraction & Decimal Jokes for a Full Portion of Laughter

A GIF on hating fractions
  1. A decimal number told a whole number “There is no POINT in talking to you.”
  2. If 1/2 and 0.5 were siblings, who would be older? No one, because they are twins! 
  3. If a whole number and a fraction had a baby, who would it be? A mixed number.
  4. 7 was standing on the shoulders of 5 and fell off, you know why? Because that is so improper!  
  5. A kid said to his math teacher: To show you how good I am at fractions, I only did half my homework!
  6. Why was the fraction worried about marrying the decimal? Because she would have to convert.
  7. There’s a fine line between a numerator and a denominator… But only a fraction would understand.
  8. Why do numerators and denominators disagree? They’ve drawn a line.
  9. Which king loved fractions? Henry the ⅛.
  10. I don’t get the point of decimals. I’m more partial to fractions

Math Puns to Make Math Fun!

Math class funny GIF
  1. The English book asked the Math book why he was so sad? You know what he said. “Because I have so many problems.”
  2. What did the spelling book say to the math book? “I know I can count on you!”
  3. What is the butterfly’s favorite subject in school? Mothematics.
  4. How do you make time fly? Throw a clock out the window!
  5. Why is math considered to be codependent? It relies on others to solve its problems.
  6. When the math topper couldn’t solve an algebra problem, it started derive-ing him mad.
  7. What happens if a math professor spends his entire summer holiday traveling around beaches? He becomes a tan-gent!
  8. Old mathematicians never die. They just disintegrate
  9. Why don’t broken calculators have friends? Because you can’t count on them.
  10. Why are angles under 90 degrees the most popular? Because they’re so acute.

Tell a few puns to kids and encourage them to think of their own puns involving words that have double meanings, such as:

Four and for
Two and to
Eight and ate
Nine and nein (the German word for “no”)
Acute and cute
Pi and pie
Sign and sine
Add and ad

Math has a reputation for being boring and tiresome but with these super silly math jokes and puns, you can definitely attract kids towards the subject and share a big laugh with them! 

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