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40 Interesting Debate Topics for Kids of All Ages & Grades

Do you want your child to have a strong opinion about everything? Do you want your child to express those thoughts freely and appropriately? Debate topics for kids are a great place to start!

Debate is one of the best strategies to make your child opinionative and a good communicator. A debate is a well-structured discussion on a topic between two parties based on evidence and statistics. 

It allows your kids to think, process information, and come up with a quick reply. In addition, debates are organized so that both parties get equal time to share their thoughts.

In addition, school debates are organized under the supervision of teachers; this ensures that your child gets a good environment to discuss. So, if your child’s school is hosting a debate competition, you should motivate your child to participate in it. This will help to improve their intellectual and communication skills.

If your child is ready to participate in the debate, we have some great debate topics for kids that you can practice at home.

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40 Interesting Debate Topics for Kids

To make your child good at debating, you should talk daily with them on a new topic. It will help if you use different topics to expand your child’s knowledge base and form their opinion about everything. Here are some exciting debate topics based on your child’s age:

Students sitting on bean bags in break room discussing debate topics for kids

10 Debate Topics for Kids in Preschool

1. Are pets useful or helpful?

2. What is better for learning; teachers or the internet?

3. Is junk food suitable for children or not?

4. Should students wear uniforms to school?

5. What is the right time to watch television for children?

6. Is virtual learning suitable for young children?

7. Should preschool students bring their toys to class?

8. What are the appropriate school activities for preschoolers?

9. What is the right time to sleep for students?

10. How long should a lunch break be?

10 Debate Topics for Elementary Kids

11. Should students go on field trips?

12. Are outdoor classrooms helpful for learning?

13. Are aliens real or fake?

14. Should schools teach advanced math to elementary students?

15. Should schools allow students to bring pets to the class?

16. Is homeschooling better than the traditional education system?

17. Do students need recess?

18. Should mobile phones be allowed in the classrooms?

19. Should teachers use interactive learning models in the classroom?

20. Will computers replace teachers in the future?

10 Debate Topics for Middle School Kids

21. Should junk food need to be banned from school cafeterias?

22. Should the internet be banned from the school premises?

23. Is it compulsory to have PE lectures for all students?

24. Are video games helpful or harmful for children?

25. What is the appropriate amount of screen time for a child?

26. Does your generation have sufficient role models?

27. What is better – private or public schools?

28. Should middle school students volunteer for community welfare?

29. Is it important to teach coding and computer programming in middle school?

30. Is virtual learning the new way of learning?

10 Debate Topics for High School Kids

31. How to stop bullying in school?

32. Is sex education important for high school students?

33. What is the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity?

34. Is cyber security a threat to students?

35. Should the government provide free healthcare for all citizens?

36. Are video games too violent for young minds?

37. Is cooking class important for all students?

38. Should high school students be allowed to study from home?

39. Is history a critical learning subject?

40 Is it good to be bilingual?

How Can Debates Help Your Child?

Participating in school or inter-school debate competitions can help your child in many ways, such as:

Schoolgirls having a discussion and debate topics for kids

1. Analytical skills

When your child gets a topic for debate, they get a chance to explore it with their thought process. As a result, they can analyze situations and come up with adequate replies based on points given by their opponent. In addition, they learn to formulate innovative answers when they are stuck somewhere spontaneously.

2. Public speaking skills 

Debates give your children the confidence to stand on a stage and speak in front of a large audience. The earlier you introduce the debate to your child, the better you can help them overcome their stage fright. Your children learn to handle different audiences and engage with them.

3. Make them listen 

Listening is a very crucial skill that your child can learn from debates. They learn to listen to every word spoken by their opponent carefully. After that, they analyze their remarks and use them to formulate adequate replies. This life skill will help your child become a better emotional and understanding person.

4. Clear thoughts

Debates help your child channel their thoughts and turn them into the right words that other people can easily understand. Multiple thoughts are swirling around your child’s mind. But how to present them properly is something that they don’t know. Thanks to debates, your child can better focus on their thought process and organize it.

Debate Away!

Children talking on the street debate topics for kids

Debates are essential for the academic and analytical brain development of your child. With regular debate participation, you can build a confident and opinionative personality in your child. 

Before taking your child to public debate platforms, you should host a small debate competition at your home. You can use different debate topics for kids mentioned in this blog to prepare your child for school debate competitions.

Explore more online educational resources for kids that will help with their learning experience and make them smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to turn your child into a better debater?

Here are some quick tips to turn your child into a good debate conductor:

  • Start when they are young
  • Spike your child’s interest in the debates by showing them different debate competitions 
  • Ask your child to learn about new things
  • Help your child form an opinion
  • Fix your child’s posture
  • Allow your child to express their thoughts freely

How long should a debate speech be?

A debate speech duration depends upon the level of debate. For example, a middle school debate can be around for five minutes or more. On the contrary, high school and college can go beyond 10 minutes.

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