Learning Strategies for Kids

    Is Hybrid Class the New Normal?

    The pandemic has changed the way students recieve education. With online learning and platforms, it has become all the more important to engage students and retain information. Is hybrid class the answer to fill the gaps between a complete online & offline mode of learning? Read to find out!

    5 Examples of Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom

    Are you looking for ways to better meet the needs of all your students in your classroom? Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an excellent solution that can help teachers design lessons and materials for all students. Students can access this regardless of their learning styles or abilities.

    What Is Inquiry-Based Learning? Types, Benefits, Examples

    Your students can now be better prepared for the real world with the inquiry-based learning model. Know all about it in this blog by SplashLearn.

    8 Best Auditory Learning Techniques to Help Teachers

    Identifying the modes through which students learn is a crucial task for teachers. To enable the auditory learning potential of your students, start employing these tips in your classroom today!

    What is Synchronous Learning? Tips & Benefits

    Synchronous learning happens in the presence of a teacher, either online or offline. Know all about synchronous learning and how you can use it to skyrocket your teaching efforts!

    How to Build Effective Project-Based Learning Plans for Classrooms

    Project-based learning is a very smart technique that teachers can incorporate in their classrooms to improve students' test results, engagement levels and so much more. Read all about PBL here and implement it in your classrooms!