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180+ Summer Words for Kids [From A to Z]

Summer is a special time for kids, filled with fun, sun, and many new experiences. Learning summer words for kids helps them describe all the exciting things they see and do. This blog will introduce over 180+ summer words, from A to Z, making it easy and fun for kids to expand their vocabulary.

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If you are looking for fun ways to teach kids summer vocabulary, here are some fun printable worksheets you should check out. Kids can find and circle summer-themed words hidden in the puzzle:

130 Summer Words for Kids from A to Z

Summer Words
A Adventure, Aloe, Amusement, Aviator, August
B Beach, Barbecue, Breeze, Boat, Baseball
C Camping, Carnival, Canoe, Coolers, Cottage
D Diving, Daisy, Deck, Dip, Dunes
E Eager, Enjoy, Evening, Explore, Exercise
F Fireworks, Fishing, Festival, Flip-flops, Fresh
G Garden, Grill, Game, Glow, Gaze
H Heat, Holiday, Hike, Harbor, Hammock
I Ice cream, Island, Insect, Itinerary, Inflatable
J Journey, Juice, Jump, July, Jungle
K Kite, Kayak, Kool-Aid, Kid, Knapsack
L Lagoon, Lake, Lazy, Lemonade, Lifeguard
M Mango, Midsummer, Marshmallow, Melon, Mingle
Optimized for both B&W and colored prints
Summer Words
N Nature, Nap, Nest, Night, Nautical
O Ocean, Outdoor, Oasis, Outing, Orchard
P Picnic, Pool, Play, Popsicle, Park
Q Quench, Quest, Quick, Quiet, Quilt
R Relax, Raft, Rain, Resort, Road trip
S Sunshine, Sandcastle, Swim, Surf, Summer
T Travel, Tent, Tide, Tropical, Trail
U Umbrella, Unwind, Underwater, Uplift, Utensils
V Vacation, Voyage, Volleyball, Visit, View
W Watermelon, Waves, Warmth, Wildlife, Woods
X Xylophone, Xenial, Xerothermic, Xenon, X-factor
Y Yawn, Yacht, Yellow, Yummy, Yearn
Z Zest, Zoo, Zephyr, Zinnia, Zip
Optimized for both B&W and colored prints

60 More Summer Words for Kids

Summer Words
Summer Food Words Summer Weather Words Summer Vacation Words Summer Things Words
Ice cream Sunny Travel Swimsuit
Hotdog Hot Adventure Sunglasses
Watermelon Humid Relax Flip-flops
Lemonade Breeze Explore Towel
Corn on the cob Storm Family Tent
Popsicle Thunder Road trip Cooler
BBQ Rain Memories Sandals
S’mores Cloudless Staycation Hat
Fresh fruit Blazing Beach Beach ball
Salad Clear Campsite Blanket
Smoothie Dry Cruise Camera
Ice pops Heatwave Destination Kite
Grilled chicken Muggy Excursion Picnic basket
Berries Scorching Journey Snorkel
Slushie Warm Outing Sunscreen
Optimized for both B&W and colored prints

5 Fun Ways to Learn Summer Words

1. Cut and Paste Summer Season Things

Cut and paste worksheet image

Kids will cut out pictures of summer related things from a provided worksheet. They will then paste these pictures onto another sheet and label them with summer related terms. This hands-on activity helps kids learn summer words while being creative. It’s a fun and interactive way to reinforce their understanding of summer words.

2. Reading Books

Summer books

Read summer-themed books and stories to help kids understand summer related words in context. Choose books about the beach, picnics, and vacations. Discuss the terms as you read. This helps kids see how summer words are used in stories.

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3. Outdoor Activities

Kids walking in park

Engage in outdoor activities and name objects and actions. Take a walk and point out summer words like “sun,” “pool,” and “flower.” Kids can learn new summer words while having fun outside. This activity reinforces summer words naturally.

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4. Crafts and Projects

Sun cactchers

Make summer crafts and label the items and steps involved. Create a sun catcher or a sandcastle and use summer words to describe the process. Write the summer terms on labels for each part. This hands-on activity helps kids remember summer words better.

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5. Flashcards

Summer words flashcard

Create flashcards with pictures and summer words to help kids learn visually. Show images of beach balls, ice cream, and other fun items. Kids can match pictures to the summer terms. This activity makes learning summer spelling words easy and fun.


Learning summer words is a fun way for kids to expand their vocabulary. Use this summer word list to keep the learning going all season long. Enjoy the activities and watch your kids’ language skills grow!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What words symbolize summer?

Beach, sunshine, ice cream, vacation, and swimming are words that symbolize summer.

How do you describe summer vibes?

Summer vibes are described as warm, relaxed, fun, and full of outdoor activities.

What are some summer adjectives?

Sunny, hot, humid, breezy, and refreshing are common summer adjectives.

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