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    Yoga for Kids: 5 Easy Yoga Poses and Their Benefits

    Children are born flexible, and they maintain that natural strength and flexibility throughout their adolescent years. You may even notice kids sitting or sleeping in unique positions because their bodies can naturally accomplish much more than that of an adult. 

    With the right yoga poses and mindfulness practice, kids can become more centered and balanced in their approach. You can improve their productivity and sense of confidence by providing the right yoga principles early. Your child’s mornings can become super energizing, and yoga can be a fun bonding activity for the whole family.

    Why yoga for kids?

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    Yoga strengthens the back and improves core posture for individuals. You can reduce your child’s risk of injury when they’re playing if they have a better sense of their body’s limitations. Yoga also improves fluidity, adding grace and poise to motion. 

    Kids can also improve their breathing to calm themselves better and hold poses to strengthen bones and muscles at an early age. When performed in groups, yoga can be a fun activity that your kids can participate in with their friends. 

    Yoga is also deeply integrated with mindfulness. Kids can learn the art of introspection when they follow a structured yoga plan. Yoga is also essential to establishing a routine in the lives of children, who can have chaotic mornings and busy daily schedules.

    The top yoga channels that you can follow with your kids

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    Keeping yoga poses fun and straightforward is vital, so these yoga channels are the best options to follow when practicing with your kid.

    1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Cosmic Kids makes yoga fun and engaging with creative sets, innovative storylines, and humorous hosts. The channel focuses on regular practices with some fun to make the process much more interesting for kids.

    2. Bari Koral

    The Bari Koral channel provides an extensive repository of kids’ yoga poses in fun and musically oriented environment. Kids can sing along, do simple poses, and interact with the video directly. You can also perform the postures, sing the songs, and participate with the host.

    3. Storyhive

    The Storyhive YouTube channel has a great video on yoga for kids that can be accessed easily via the YouTube Kids app. You can also join your child as you venture into the world of holding poses, breathing into stretches, and expanding the mind. This is a great way to introduce your kids to the magic of yoga.

    4. Yoga With Adriene

    Adriene is a fantastic yoga instructor who makes asanas more fun. She has a great YouTube channel where she teaches kids to be more confident, express themselves, and become more flexible through yoga. You can get inspired by her positivity and encouraging approach to mastering new poses.

    5. Yoga Ed.

    You can also learn innovative yoga poses through this session designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years. The Yoga Ed instructor makes the transition to different poses simple, keeping the attention span of younger kids in mind.

    Go-to yoga poses for kids

    A key challenge that you may come across is selecting the right set of yoga poses for your kid. With dozens of poses and routines available, you should focus on the right poses for your child that can help them stretch better. 

    These simple yet effective yoga poses are ideal for kids of all ages, as they’re challenging but easy on the body. They’re also easy to follow along and can be performed anywhere.

    1. Sun salutation pose

    This is a simple, effective yoga pose that kids of all ages can perform. You can stand tall and bring your palms together to your heart. Breathing into the pose, you can stretch your arms upwards and get your hands down.

    2. Flower pose

    The flower pose is like the lotus pose, and you can perform the asana while sitting down on a mat. You can fold your legs and have your feet touch while bending at the knees. You can feel the stretch further by extending on either side to make the pose more challenging.

    3. Warrior tree

    The warrior pose is slightly advanced for kids that have just started yoga, but an excellent asana for practicing balance and stillness. In the warrior pose, you will have to stand on one leg and have the other leg extend outward. You can now point both arms where your standing foot is pointing to.

    4. Child’s pose

    This pose is inspired by how children naturally rest on their beds or the floor. You can start on all fours and gently sit back onto your feet while extending your arms in front of you. You can keep breathing and encourage your child to look upwards if they can.

    5. Happy baby pose

    This is an excellent pose for younger children who are naturally flexible. You can start by resting on your back and gently touching your knees to your chest. You can hold onto your feet and breathe into the pose.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best yoga for kids?

    Poses that are simple to execute, remember, and enjoy will be the best yoga asanas for your kids. They can also try different styles of yoga to see which ones they gravitate towards.   

    What is the best age to start yoga for kids?

    Kids get a better sense of their bodies by the age of 4 or 5 years. That’s the right time to introduce yoga positions that they can practice during physical activity. 

    How do I start my kid in yoga?

    The best place to start yoga is to visit online channels and blogs that provide child-safe poses and have a routine for younger ones to follow. You can also make it a daily practice with the instructional video playing on your TV.          

    Can a 5-year-old do yoga?

    Yes, a 5-year-old child can do many of the basic yoga poses. They can start slow and build up to learning more advanced poses as they get older.

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