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Diphthong Discovery Phonics - Lesson Plan

This interactive phonics lesson plan is designed to help students master diphthongs. It starts with a warm-up exercise revising vowel sounds and syllables, followed by tasks focusing on different diphthongs (oi, oy, ou, ow). The session ends with a riddle-solving activity and an exit slip to assess understanding. Additional practice activities are provided for reinforcement.

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The main objectives of this lesson are to help students understand what diphthongs are, learn how to identify and spell words containing specific diphthongs (oi, oy, ou, ow), and apply this knowledge in various contexts such as solving riddles and storytelling.

The lesson uses interactive methods including listening and repeating words for vowel sound practice, identifying and spelling words containing specific diphthongs, solving riddles to differentiate between diphthongs, engaging in storytelling activities to connect learned concepts, and providing additional practice activities for reinforcement.

Student understanding is assessed through an exit slip where they answer questions about the learned diphthongs. Additionally, their ability to solve riddles using their new knowledge provides an informal assessment of their understanding.


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