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Friendship & Fables Compare & Contrast - Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is designed to engage students in a fun and interactive way. It starts with a warm-up exercise where students discuss commonalities and differences between themselves and their friends. Students then read two texts, 'Desert Life' and 'Meet a Hermit Crab,' practicing their reading skills while learning new vocabulary. The tutor ensures understanding of the text by asking questions related to the first text when reading the second one. The session ends with a summary of what was learned, an exit slip for assessment, worksheets for additional practice, and more practice if needed.

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The main focus of this lesson is to help students improve their reading skills by comparing and contrasting two different texts - 'Desert Life' and 'Meet a Hermit Crab'. Additionally, it encourages students to share information about themselves and their friends.

The lesson uses multiple-choice questions in an Exit Slip section to assess student understanding. Also, there are worksheets provided for additional practice.

If students struggle with any concepts during the lesson, there's a segment called 'More Practice.' This provides extra time for practice and clearing up any misconceptions.


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