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Character Comparison Quest - Lesson Plan

This interactive lesson plan, 'Character Comparison Quest', is designed to engage elementary students in understanding and comparing characters in a story. The lesson starts with a warm-up exercise introducing the characters Orenda and Loko. Then, the story 'Max and Kate' is read, highlighting their physical attributes and interests. Students practice comparing and contrasting these characters using the double bubble tool. Finally, they are encouraged to compare themselves with a friend using the same tool. The lesson concludes with a summary of what was learned and additional practice worksheets for reinforcement.

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The 'Character Comparison Quest' lesson plan focuses on teaching students how to understand and compare characters in a story through reading exercises and practical applications.

The 'Character Comparison Quest' encourages student participation by having them actively compare and contrast themselves with a friend using the double bubble tool introduced in the lesson.

In the 'Character Comparison Quest', a double bubble tool is used to help students visually identify similarities and differences between characters, enhancing their understanding of character comparison.


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