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Farm Phonics Fiesta Blending - Lesson Plan

In the 'Farm Phonics Fiesta' lesson, students embark on an exciting journey with Leafel to Uncle Donald's farm. The lesson begins with a warm-up exercise called 'Sound Slots' where students identify missing sounds in words (4 mins). In Task 1, they learn oral blending of words through a story about Leafel taking sheep back home (7 mins). Task 2 involves feeding cows by blending the sounds of letters to form words (7 mins). Finally, in Task 3, students read a story by blending the words together (7 mins). The lesson concludes with a recap of learning objectives and an exit slip for assessment.

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The main objective of the 'Farm Phonics Fiesta' lesson plan is to help students master phonics by blending sounds to make words, blending letters to make words, and reading a story.

The 'Farm Phonics Fiesta' lesson plan includes activities like identifying missing sounds in words, orally blending words through a story task, forming words by blending letter sounds while feeding cows and reading a story by blending the words together.

The 'Farm Phonics Fiesta' assesses student understanding through an exit slip with questions related to the learning objectives. It also provides additional practice activity to reinforce blending skills and assess rhyming skills.


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