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Question Quest - Lesson Plan

In 'What a Question!', students embark on an exciting journey to master question creation. The session begins with 'Time to Sparkle', setting the tone for what's ahead. Students describe a character named Perry using adjectives, then move on to finding key details in stories by asking strong questions. They read a story titled 'Teddy's Card' and create questions based on given answers during 'Log Hunt'. The session concludes with a summary and optional segments for extra practice or connection-making activities.

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The main objective of the 'What a Question!' lesson plan is to teach students how to identify key details about an object, person, or situation by asking appropriate questions.

The 'Log Hunt' task in the 'What a Question!' lesson plan helps students practice their skill of finding key details by creating questions based on given answers. This allows them to apply what they've learned in an unknown context.

Yes, if students need more practice, there are optional segments included in the 'What a Question!' lesson plan where they can further hone their skills by creating questions based on given sentences.


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