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Loko's Prefix Pioneers - Lesson Plan

In this engaging lesson plan, students join the character Loko to learn about prefixes. The session starts with an introduction to prefixes and their role in changing word meanings. Students then participate in two tasks where they learn about the prefixes 'un', 're', 'dis' and 'mis'. They apply these prefixes to complete sentences and solve a crossword puzzle. The lesson concludes with a summary of the concepts covered, an exit slip for assessment, and optional group activities for further practice.

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The main focus of the Prefix Pioneers: Loko's Interactive Grammar Lesson is to introduce students to the concept of prefixes and help them understand how these can change word meanings. The lesson covers four common prefixes - un, re, dis, mis - through various tasks and activities.

The Prefix Pioneers: Loko's Interactive Grammar Lesson includes several activities such as prefix introduction sessions, sentence completion tasks using words with appropriate prefixes, a crossword puzzle based on learned prefixes, group activity for creating sentences using prefix words, and optional additional practice exercises.

The Prefix Pioneers: Loko's Interactive Grammar Lesson assesses student understanding through an exit slip provided at the end of the session. This allows tutors to gauge how well students have grasped the concept of prefixes. Additionally, there are ongoing assessments during each task where tutors provide feedback and guidance.


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