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Sorting & Categorizing Wonders - Lesson Plan

In this engaging lesson, students embark on an interactive journey with Buc-Buc, who needs help sorting his market purchases. The lesson introduces the concept of sorting and categorizing through a variety of objects like clothes, toys, and food. Students are encouraged to participate actively in identifying categories these objects belong to. They further apply their understanding by identifying odd ones out among given objects based on seasons, clothing, transportation, and vehicles. The lesson concludes with students applying their knowledge in real-life scenarios through games and worksheets.

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The 'Sorting & Categorizing Wonders' lesson plan focuses on teaching students how to sort objects into categories, identify category membership, and find odd ones out.

The 'Sorting & Categorizing Wonders' lesson plan engages students by presenting them with various interactive activities such as sorting shapes based on different criteria and playing a SplashLearn game related to sorting.

From the 'Sorting & Categorizing Wonders' lesson plan, your child will develop skills such as sorting objects into categories, identifying category membership, finding odd ones out, and applying these concepts in real-life scenarios.


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