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Silent Letters Unlocked Phonics - Lesson Plan

In 'Silent Letters Unlocked: An Interactive Phonics Lesson', students engage in a warm-up activity called 'Time to Sparkle' where they express themselves freely. They then explore the concept of silent letters through tasks like 'In Jail' and 'What's the pattern?'. In these tasks, students work with their tutor to identify patterns followed by words with silent letters. They even put words with silent letters in a 'Word Jail'. The lesson concludes with a story reading session and an exit slip to test their understanding.

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The main focus of this lesson is to help students understand and identify the presence and patterns of silent letters in words through various interactive tasks.

The 'In Jail' task allows students to observe and identify words that contain silent letters, helping them understand that words are not always spelled according to sound.

The exit slip serves as a quick assessment tool for tutors to gauge student understanding of silent letters at the end of the lesson.


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