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Three Cheers for Blends - Lesson Plan

In this interactive lesson, students will embark on a fun-filled journey to master three-letter consonant blends. The session begins with a warm-up exercise followed by an introduction to the concept of three-letter blends. Students then engage in various activities such as spotting words with these blends in sentences and reading them out, figuring out the correct combination of letters to spell words with three letter blends, and completing sentences with the correct blend word. The lesson concludes with a recap of learning objectives and an exit slip activity to assess understanding.

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The 'Three Cheers for Blends' lesson plan aims at helping students read, spell, and complete sentences using words that contain three-letter consonant blends.

In the 'Three Cheers for Blends' lesson, real-life examples like strings (str), splat/splash sounds (spl), spreading/sprinkling (spr), and stripes (str) are discussed.

The 'Three Cheers for Blends' lesson plan uses an exit slip activity where students name and spell objects that start with three-letter blends to assess their understanding.


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