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Three of a Sound Trigraphs - Lesson Plan

This interactive lesson plan titled 'Three of a Sound' is designed to teach and reinforce the understanding of trigraphs tch, dge, and igh. The session begins with an exciting picture puzzle warm-up exercise followed by three tasks that focus on learning and recapping these Letter Teams through visual representations, word identification, and reading exercises. The session concludes with a summary slide of the learning objectives, an exit slip, and a takeaway worksheet. Additionally, there are optional sections for further practice and real-life application.

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The 'Three of a Sound' lesson plan primarily focuses on teaching and reinforcing the understanding of the trigraphs tch, dge, and igh through various engaging activities.

The 'Three of a Sound' lesson plan assesses students through annotation or whole group discussions during tasks. There's also an exit slip at the end to gauge their understanding.

The 'Three of a Sound' lesson provides additional practice for identifying Letter Teams in words as well as encourages students to apply their learning in real-life scenarios.


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