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13 Best Resources for Math Videos for Kids: Math Made Fun

In today’s fast-paced world, teaching math to kids in PreK through Grade 5 can be a bit of a challenge. But fear not, because we’ve got a trick up our sleeves that will have your kids learning math with big smiles: math videos for kids!

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You might wonder, “Why should I use math videos for my kids’ early education?” Great question! Math videos are like magical windows into the world of numbers, shapes, and patterns. They bring math to life in a way that textbooks just can’t match.

In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to amazing math video resources that are not only educational but also a blast to watch. Get ready to discover a range of math adventures that will inspire your kids to become math whizzes!

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12 Best Math Video – Learning Is Fun!

1. SplashLearn Math Videos for Kids

Grade Range:  Pre-K to 5th Grade

SplashLearn revolutionizes math learning with animated videos that make complex concepts accessible and fun. Each video focuses on foundational math skills using colorful animations and interactive songs to engage young learners. With unlimited practice opportunities, SplashLearn ensures continuous learning progress, making it an invaluable resource for developing early math skills.

2. Math Antics

Grade range:  Pre-K to 1st Grade

Math Antics is a fun math video resource designed to introduce young learners to the wonderful world of mathematics. With its charming animated lessons and friendly characters, Math Antics makes math fun and engaging for kids.

3. Numberblocks

Grade range: Pre-K to 1st Grade

If you are looking for math videos for kindergarten, Numberblocks is a great option. It is a fun math video series that takes young learners on a colorful and educational adventure through the world of numbers. Geared towards children, Numberblocks brings numbers to life with engaging stories, lively characters, and clever animations

4. Kids Academy

Grade Range:  Pre-K all to 5th Grade

Kids Academy is a comprehensive and versatile educational platform that offers a wide range of math videos and interactive lessons suitable for children. With a user-friendly interface and engaging content, Kids Academy is designed to support children’s math learning at every stage of their early education journey. Kids Academy also provides drills and challenges to help children master math facts, such as multiplication tables and addition facts. The platform offers fun math challenges and puzzles to stimulate problem-solving abilities.

5. Homeschool Pop

Grade range: PreK to Grade 5

Homeschool Pop has some of the best math videos on YouTube suitable for children. With its fun and engaging approach, Homeschool Pop is a fantastic resource for parents and educators seeking to supplement their children’s math education in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Homeschool Pop uses storytelling to make math concepts relatable and memorable for kids. The channel features problem-solving exercises and math challenges encouraging critical thinking and creativity.

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6. Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

The “Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel” is a fun and educational YouTube channel dedicated to making learning math fun through math videos for kids and music. Jack Hartmann, a talented musician and educator, uses catchy tunes and engaging visuals to teach math concepts to young learners. Jack’s videos teach basic math concepts through  fun and memorable songs. The channel also provides math word problems set to music, encouraging problem-solving skills.

7. Math Mammoth

Glass range: Pre-K through 5th Grade

Math Mammoth is a comprehensive math curriculum and resource designed to help students develop strong math skills and conceptual understanding. Created by math educator Maria Miller, Math Mammoth offers a structured approach to math education that is rigorous and accessible. The curriculum includes problem-solving exercises and real-world applications to foster critical thinking skills.

8. Harry Kindergarten Music

Grade range: Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Harry Kindergarten Music is an educational YouTube channel that uses catchy songs and animations to make learning math fun and engaging for young students. Created by Harry Kindergarten, a music teacher and educator, this channel transforms math concepts into memorable tunes. The channel uses songs, catchy tunes and animations to help students memorize math concepts and even word problems. 

9. Mark D Pencil & Harry Kindergarten

Mark D Pencil & Harry Kindergarten is a dynamic duo of educational YouTube channels that combine music and animation to make math learning an exciting adventure for young students. These channels, created by Mark D Pencil and Harry Kindergarten, aim to make math concepts more accessible and enjoyable for children. Through lively songs and animations, children practice math exercises effortlessly.

10. Have Fun Teaching

Grade Range:  Pre-K to 5th Grade

Have Fun Teaching is an educational platform that offers a wide range of resources, including math videos for kids, songs, worksheets, and activities, to make learning a joyful experience for students. With a focus on engagement and creativity, “Have Fun Teaching” aims to make math education both fun and effective.

11. GoNoodle

Grade Range:  Pre-K to 5th Grade

GoNoodle is an interactive and educational platform that combines physical activity with learning to make it both fun and engaging for students. While it’s primarily known for its movement and mindfulness activities. GoNoodle also includes educational content, including math-related activities, that promotes active learning. GoNoodle occasionally features math challenges and activities that integrate math concepts with movement. Also, this platform provides quick “brain breaks” that allow students to recharge their minds and bodies.

12. Numberjacks

Grade Range: Pre-K to 2nd Grade

The “Numberjacks” YouTube channel is an educational platform designed to engage and educate young learners by making math concepts exciting and accessible. The channel features animated adventures starring the Numberjacks, mathematical superheroes who use their numerical powers to solve problems and save the day. Through the animated adventures, children practice fundamental math operations within engaging storylines.

13. Khan Academy

Grade Range: Pre-K to 12th Grade

Khan Academy is a renowned and free online educational platform that offers a wide range of fun math videos for kids, practice exercises, and interactive lessons for students. Founded by educator Salman Khan, Khan Academy provides comprehensive resources to help learners explore, understand, and excel in various academic subjects, including mathematics.

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The world of math education has evolved significantly in recent years, with a wealth of math videos for kids and YouTube math channels providing invaluable resources. These math educational videos offer a diverse array of content, catering to students of all ages and levels. From fun Pre-K adventures to advanced calculus tutorials, these online math videos have redefined how we approach mathematical learning. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of education, these valuable resources continue to empower students, parents, and educators in their quest to unlock the wonders of mathematics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find the most suitable fun math videos for kids on YouTube for my child's specific grade level and learning style?

To find the best math YouTube channels and fun math videos tailored to your child’s needs, consider exploring educational playlists organized by grade level and topic. Additionally, reading reviews and recommendations from other parents and educators can help you discover engaging math resources that align with your child’s learning style.

Do these mathematical YouTube channels offer supplementary materials or activities to reinforce what kids learn in the videos?

Yes, many of the top math YouTube channels complement their videos with downloadable worksheets, interactive quizzes, and additional practice exercises. These supplementary materials can further reinforce the concepts covered in the fun math videos, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

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