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Times Tables

A times table is a list of multiples of a number. For instance, if we want to work out the times table for 2, we start with 2 and then add 2 in each step. The answer obtained in every step is a multiple of 2 and is known as multiplication fact.

Some of the times tables are illustrated below:

Times Table of 2:

Times Table (2)




1 lot of 2

time table


2 lots of 2

time table


3 lots of 2

time table


4 lots of 2

time table


We can find out the times table of other numbers also. 

Example 1: Find out the times table of 5.

To work out times table of 5, we add  5 each time.


Example 2: Find out what can we write in place of question mark?


7 times 3 mean 3 lots of 7 or 7 lots of 3.




Or we can work out in another way,


Example 3: Find out the missing number.


It means some lots of 8 give us 40. So we can use division fact here. 

Hence our answer is 5.

Fun Fact-

  • In the times table of 9, each number makes a sum of 9.


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