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10 Best and Helpful Homeschooling Resources for Parents

Homeschooling is a great option for parents who want to control their children’s education. As homeschoolers, you don’t have to worry about your kids being one of the 33% who get bullied each year or the 65% who report feeling unsafe at school.

But homeschooling comes with its own set of challenges. As a homeschooling parent, you are responsible for providing your child with a quality education. This can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to homeschooling or are on a tight budget.

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Luckily, there are many resources available for parents who homeschool their children. From online homeschooling resources and support groups to curriculum providers and beyond, parents have a wealth of information and support available to them when it comes to homeschooling their children.

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This blog post will share ten helpful resources for parents homeschooling their children, along with the benefits of homeschooling. 

Ten Best Homeschooling Resources for Parents

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1. SplashLearn

Image of SplashLearn's characters for kids

SplashLearn is an online learning platform for kids in grades pre-k to 5. They offer a comprehensive homeschool curriculum covering math, reading, writing, and more. You can create a parent account to track your child’s progress and access homeschooling resources.

You can also sign up for SplashLearn tutoring and give your kids the education they deserve! 

SplashLearn is a great resource for parents who want a complete homeschool curriculum that is easy to use and interactive. With online games and activities, kids will stay engaged and motivated to learn.

Pricing: You can sign up for free but to unlock unlimited fun for your kids you can choose from a wide range of plans.

By choosing any plan you will get access to 4000+ Math and Reading activities.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a non-profit homeschooling advocacy group. They provide homeschooling parents with legal assistance and support, as well as homeschooling resources and information. HSLDA also lobbies for homeschooling rights at the national level.

If you are homeschooling in the United States, HSLDA is a great resource for you. They offer homeschooling parent resources on their website, as well as a homeschooling magazine and annual homeschooling conference.

Pricing: Various plans to get membership in HSLDA: 

  • Monthly Auto-pay $12 per month
  • Annual Auto-renew Membership $125 per year
  • Annual Membership $130 per year
  • Lifetime Membership $1,200
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3. Simple Homeschool

Simple Homeschool is a blog written by a homeschooling mom of four. She offers homeschool curriculum reviews, product recommendations, and educational homeschooling resources.

If you are looking for an online resource for homeschooling information and support, Simple Homeschool is a great place to start. The author’s down-to-earth style and relatable homeschooling experiences make her blog a must-read for homeschooling parents.

4. Welltrainedmind

Welltrainedmind is a website created by a veteran homeschooling family. They offer an extensive array of resources for homeschooling families, including curriculum recommendations, product reviews, and educational articles.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all things homeschooling, Welltrainedmind is a great resource. They offer everything from advice on getting started with homeschooling to detailed reviews of popular homeschool curricula.

5. Reading Eggs

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to help your child learn to read, then Reading Eggs is a great option. With over 2,000 activities, lessons, and games, your child will be engaged and excited to learn. Plus, you can track your child’s progress so you can see just how much they’re improving.

Also, be sure to check out Reading Eggs Jr. for kids ages 2-4. With over 400 activities, lessons, and games, your little ones will love learning to read with this program.

Pricing: You can choose between a monthly and yearly subscription:

  • Monthly Subscription: £6.99* billed monthly. You will get your first 30 days free!
  • Yearly Subscription: £54.99* billed annually

6. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

If you’re looking for a comprehensive homeschool curriculum covering all the major subject areas, you’ll want to check out Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. This online homeschooling resource provides lesson plans, materials, and other things for grades K-12, all in one place. Plus, it’s completely free to use!

It is also planned out by grade, and you can start in any grade. So, if you have a 5th grader and a 1st grader, you can start them both at the beginning of the curriculum or have them work side-by-side following their own lessons.

7. Duolingo

Image of duolingo logo

Duolingo is a great resource for parents who want to help their children learn a second language. With over 30 languages to choose from, your child can learn at their own pace and progress through the levels as they master each language.

Duolingo is a free website and app, making it a great option for budget-conscious parents. Plus, you can track your child’s progress so you can see just how much they’re learning.

8. XtraMath

XtraMath is a math fact fluency program that helps kids learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. With over 70 million math facts learned, XtraMath is a great homeschooling resource for parents who want to help their kids improve their math skills.

Moreover, this homeschooling resource is free and can be used on any device. So, whether you’re at home or on the go, your child can practice their math facts with XtraMath.

Pricing: The pricing plan of XtraMath is divided into three categories:

  • Basic: Free
  • Family: $2 per child per year
  • Classroom: $50 per teacher up to 50 students + $2 / extra

9. Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home is a website created by Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher, and distributor of children’s books. They offer a variety of resources for parents who want to keep their kids learning at home, including articles, activities, and games.

You can also sign up for their daily email newsletter, which includes a new activity for kids to do each day. Plus, you can find resources for parents, too, like tips on how to keep your kids engaged in learning.

10. GoNoodle

Image of GoNoodle logo

GoNoodle is a great resource for parents homeschooling their children! This website provides a variety of fun and educational videos and activities that kids can do at home. GoNoodle also offers a free app that makes it easy for parents to access their content on the go.

With over 300 million videos watched, GoNoodle is a popular resource for parents and kids alike. Plus, it’s completely free to use!

Benefits of Homeschooling

Image of a parent using homeschooling resources with his kid

There are many benefits of homeschooling, both for the parent and the child. Let’s explore a few of them.

1. Homeschooling Allows You to Customize Your Child’s Education

One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is that you can customize your child’s education. This means you can tailor the curriculum to your child’s individual needs, interests, and learning styles.

2. Gives You More Control Over What Your Child Is Exposed To

As a homeschooling parent, you have more control over what your child is exposed to. You can shield them from materials and topics that you feel are inappropriate or that you don’t want them to be exposed to.

3. Homeschooling Can Save You Money

Homeschooling can save you money on things like tuition, uniforms, and school supplies. You may also be able to take advantage of homeschooling discounts at museums, zoos, and other places.

4. Gives You More Flexibility

Homeschooling gives you more flexibility when it comes to your schedule. This can be a big help for working parents or parents with special needs children.

5. It Allows You to Spend More Time With Your Children

Homeschooling allows you to spend more time with your children, which can be a big plus for parents who want to be more involved in their kids’ lives.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the benefits of homeschooling, let’s take a look at ten helpful homeschooling resources for parents.

There You Go!

Homeschooling your children can be a rewarding experience for both you and them, but it also comes with its own challenges. Fortunately, many different resources are available to help make the process easier. Parents have all they need at their fingertips, from helpful articles to support communities when homeschooling their children. To get started on this journey, take a look at the ten resources listed above. With these helpful tools, you’ll be well on your way to homeschooling success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some of the challenges of homeschooling?

Some of the challenges of homeschooling include finding the right resources, making sure your child is engaged in learning, and maintaining a regular routine. Additionally, it can be difficult to fit homeschooling into your own schedule and find time for other commitments.

What are some tips for homeschooling success?

Some tips for homeschooling success include finding the right homeschooling resources, maintaining a regular routine, being flexible and patient, and communicating with your child’s teacher(s). Additionally, it is important to make sure your child is engaged in learning and to set realistic goals.

How can I find other homeschooling families in my area?

There are a few different ways to find other homeschooling families in your area. You can search online, join a local homeschooling group or network, or attend a homeschooling conference or event. Additionally, you can ask friends, family, and neighbors if they know of any other homeschooling families in the area.

Can homeschooling Be Done on a Shoestring Budget?

Yes, homeschooling can be done on a shoestring budget! There are many free and low-cost homeschooling resources available for families. Additionally, you can save money by using materials you already have at home, borrowing from friends or family, or taking advantage of discounts and special of

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