Multiple - Definition with Examples

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Multiple Games

Multiply by multiples of 10
Multiply by Multiples of 10

Multiply whole numbers with powers of 10. In the process, make sense of the patterns in number of zeroes in the product.

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What is Multiple?

The basic definition of multiple is manifold. In math, the meaning of a multiple is the product result of one number multiplied by another number.

Here, 56 is a multiple of the integer 7. 

Multiples of seven 7 in math

Here is another example of multiples:

Examples of multiples of four 4 in math

  Fun Facts

  • 0 is a multiple of every number as the product of 0 multiplied by any number is 0.

let's sing Let's sing!

Let’s find multiples of two and do a sing along. 
Two, four, six, eight and ten, the list is so long.
Stop right there! Take note when I hit the gong!
Multiples become bigger and bigger like King Kong!

let's do it Let's do it!

Instead of handing out math worksheets on multiples to your children, play the number plate game with them while driving them to school or for classes. Ask them to find the multiples of the first two or the last two digits of the number plate of the car ahead. Ask them to be quick in answering. 

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