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Persuasive Power Unleashed - Lesson Plan

In this interactive lesson, students are introduced to persuasive writing through a lively conversation between characters Loko, Lookie, and Buc-Buc. The session begins with a warm-up exercise that sets the tone for the topic. The key elements of persuasive writing are explained using the three Ws: What, Who, Why. Students then analyze examples of persuasive writing in advertisements and practice creating their own persuasive arguments. The session concludes with a summary and a worksheet for further reinforcement.

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The main focus of 'Persuasive Power Unleashed: An Interactive Lesson' is to introduce students to persuasive writing techniques using engaging activities and examples.

In 'Persuasive Power Unleashed: An Interactive Lesson', the three Ws refer to What (the issue), Who (the audience), and Why (the reason) - these are key elements in crafting a persuasive argument.

In 'Persuasive Power Unleashed: An Interactive Lesson', students get to practice persuasive writing by analyzing real-life advertisements and creating their own convincing arguments based on given prompts.


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