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Sparkling Self-Expression - Lesson Plan

In 'Sparkling Self-Expression: An Interactive Friendship Lesson', students embark on an engaging journey of self-expression. The lesson begins with a warm-up game, 'Wheel of All About You', where students answer questions about themselves. They then learn to read information from a poster during 'Friendship Week'. Students get opportunities to write or speak about themselves and their best friends while learning rules of capitalization, punctuation, apostrophe, and sentences. The lesson concludes with summarizing activities and worksheets for reinforcement.

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The main focus of the 'Sparkling Self-Expression: An Interactive Friendship Lesson' is to help students express themselves confidently while learning important grammar rules like capitalization, punctuation, apostrophes, and sentence formation.

The 'Sparkling Self-Expression: An Interactive Friendship Lesson' engages students through interactive games like 'Wheel of All About You', writing activities where they share about themselves and their best friends, and summarizing exercises that reinforce what they've learned.

The 'Sparkling Self-Expression: An Interactive Friendship Lesson' covers key grammar rules such as capitalization, punctuation, use of apostrophes, and sentence formation.


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