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Sound & Draw - Lesson Plan

In the 'Sound & Draw' lesson, students engage in a variety of activities to improve their listening skills. The session starts with a warm-up game, followed by exercises that focus on Appreciative and Efferent Listening. Students listen to environmental sounds and guess what they are, then move onto drawing activities based on verbal instructions. The session concludes with reflection on learned skills and worksheets for further practice at home. This interactive lesson is designed to make learning fun while improving critical listening abilities.

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The main aim of the 'Sound & Draw' lesson plan is to enhance students' listening skills through engaging activities such as guessing sounds, following verbal instructions for drawing, and reflecting on their learning experience.

The 'Sound & Draw' lesson plan includes various interactive activities such as a warm-up game called 'Turn Up the Music', guessing environmental sounds, drawing based on verbal instructions, and answering questions after listening to short passages or sentences.

The 'Sound & Draw' lesson plan improves students’ listening skills by engaging them in active and comprehensive listening exercises. These exercises require them to listen attentively to instructions or audio clips, follow directions accurately, answer questions based on what they heard, and reflect on their performance.


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