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12 Best Websites for English Teachers

Finding the right resources is essential for teaching English effectively. These 12 websites for English teachers provide tools for lesson plans, creative activities, grammar practice, and more to help you engage students and simplify lesson preparation. Dive in to discover how these platforms can enhance your classroom!

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1. SplashLearn

Home page of SplashLearn

Who is it for: Kindergarten to Grade 2

SplashLearn is among the best free websites for English teachers, offering comprehensive English language teaching resources. Covering reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling, it provides engaging activities that adapt to each student’s learning needs. This flexibility makes it a valuable tool for educators aiming to differentiate instruction while keeping students engaged with fun, interactive content.

Here’s why teachers love SplashLearn:

  • Extensive Library of Resources: The platform’s extensive library includes English games and worksheets, providing an activity for every skill your students need to practice.
  • Reduces Lesson Planning and Grading Time: SplashLearn’s adaptive activities adjust to each student’s level, reducing the time teachers spend crafting individualized lesson plans and grading assignments.
  • Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans: Curriculum-aligned lesson plans are designed to engage students, significantly reducing preparation time for teachers.
  • Relieves Pressure to Innovate: SplashLearn’s rich library of resources helps teachers deliver dynamic lessons without the stress of constant innovation.
  • Facilitates Parent Involvement: Teachers can easily share progress reports and updates with parents, fostering collaborative support between the classroom and home.
  • Breaks Monotony: Educational games are perfect for warm-ups or homework, bringing variety to traditional teaching and keeping students engaged.

Beat by Beat Press

Home page of Beat by Beat Press

Who is it for: Grades 1 through 12

Beat by Beat Press is a unique resource among sites for English teachers, specializing in integrating the performing arts into English lessons. It offers a variety of musical plays and educational resources that help teach English through drama and storytelling. This approach not only enhances students’ understanding of language but also boosts their creative expression and confidence. It’s particularly useful for teachers looking to incorporate more arts into their curriculum.

3. Brave New Teaching

Home page of Brave New Teaching

Who is it for: Grades 6 through 12

Brave New Teaching stands out as one of the ESL websites for teachers, providing innovative strategies and resources for English language arts teachers. It focuses on creative lesson plans and teaching ideas that cater to diverse learning styles, making it ideal for teachers seeking fresh approaches to literary analysis and writing skills. The resources are designed by teachers for teachers, ensuring they are practical and ready to use in the classroom.

4. Kahoot!

Home page of Kahoot

Who is it for: Pre-K through Grade 12

Kahoot! is a popular choice among english teaching websites for teachers due to its interactive and gamified learning approach. Teachers can create customized quizzes and learning games that make learning grammar, vocabulary, and literary concepts engaging and competitive. It’s an effective tool for conducting formative assessments and fostering a lively learning environment. Kahoot! supports a broad range of subjects beyond English, making it a versatile tool in any educator’s arsenal.

5. ActivelyLearn

Home page of ActivelyLearn

Who is it for: Grades 6 through 12

ActivelyLearn stands out among websites for English teachers due to its rich library of interactive texts and resources. This platform allows educators to embed questions, notes, and media directly into texts, promoting deeper engagement and critical thinking. It also provides analytics to help teachers assess student progress and adjust instruction accordingly. Ideal for facilitating meaningful discussions and enhancing comprehension, it’s a versatile tool for both in-class and remote learning.

6. TeachThis

Home page of TeachThis

Who is it for: Grades 1 through 12

TeachThis is one of the comprehensive English classroom websites, offering a wide variety of downloadable ESL worksheets, lesson plans, and games. It covers key topics such as grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills. The resources are customizable, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to their students’ specific needs. This makes it an essential site for teachers seeking practical materials that save time while offering diverse ways to engage students.

7. BrainPOP

Home page of BrainPOP

Who is it for: Pre-K through Grade 8

BrainPOP is one of the leading English websites for teachers due to its animated videos and interactive quizzes that help students grasp language concepts in an engaging way. Teachers can use these resources to reinforce grammar rules, enhance vocabulary, and strengthen comprehension. Its creative and easy-to-understand approach makes it an effective tool for introducing new topics or reviewing lessons.

8. English Club

Home page of English Club

Who is it for: Grades 6 through 12

English Club offers a wealth of resources like lesson plans, quizzes, and grammar exercises tailored for ESL students. The site features forums for teachers to share ideas and seek advice. It’s particularly helpful for educators looking for practical classroom resources and expert guidance on teaching methodologies.

9. Common Lit

Home page of Common Lit

Who is it for: Grades 3 through 12

Common Lit provides a vast collection of high-quality reading passages that are highly valuable for enhancing literacy skills. It includes comprehension questions, discussion prompts, and assessments to measure student understanding. It helps teachers find grade-appropriate reading material that aligns with their curriculum and teaching goals.

10. Ereading Worksheets

Home page of Ereading Worksheets

Who is it for: Grades 1 through 12

Ereading Worksheets is a treasure trove for teachers in need of practical resources to reinforce reading and writing skills. It provides a variety of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension exercises, all tailored to meet classroom needs. With clear explanations and engaging activities, it’s a valuable tool that simplifies lesson planning for busy educators.

11. IXL

Home page of IXL

Who is it for: Pre-K through Grade 12

IXL offers an adaptive learning platform that provides personalized practice activities. The site covers grammar, vocabulary, and writing, automatically adjusting difficulty to suit each student’s ability. With detailed analytics and reports, teachers can monitor progress and identify areas that need more focus, making it a valuable tool for differentiated instruction.

12. ReadWriteThink

Home page of ReadWriteThink

Who is it for: Kindergarten through Grade 12

ReadWriteThink is a versatile resource that offers lesson plans, interactive activities, and printables designed to reinforce reading and writing skills across all grade levels. Developed by literacy experts, its comprehensive library provides educators with tools to teach topics like phonics, grammar, and creative writing. The site’s activities and lesson plans are easy to adapt, making it suitable for various classroom needs. 

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Choosing the best websites for English teachers can make lesson planning more effective and engaging. Whether you’re looking for interactive games, ready-to-use lesson plans, or assessment tools, consider the unique needs of your classroom. Explore these websites to find the resources that best match your teaching style and help your students excel in English.

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